I Dropped Greek Life, It Didn't Drop Me

I Dropped Greek Life, It Didn't Drop Me

If you are not comfortable, then you have a right to stop.

Strolls, calls, nicknames, and wearing letters always enticed me. Who wouldn't want to be a part of a fraternity when they go to college? The glamour is almost overwhelming. It may even lead you to do crazy things.

The thought of being accepted into something like a fraternity first crossed my mind at age eleven. While being apart of my brother's high school marching band which was run by a down south, HBCU style director, band life and Greek life quickly became a part of who I was growing to be. My brother crossed into a national fraternity while he was in high school. I watched him stroll and become part of a brotherhood that I only dreamed of joining. Meanwhile, I had band life down packed, but Greek life was something that alluded me mainly due to my age and inexperience in the world. For eight years, I knew exactly what I wanted to do as soon as I hit college, and when I did? Well, you already know what happens next: I finally made my childhood dreams come true and pledged to a fraternity.

Before Hunter, I attended a college that was pretty small and not necessarily the most diverse. That being said, I pledged to a fraternity not really knowing much about its background and cultural diversity. That was my first mistake.

You should always research a group before you decide to pledge the rest of your life to it. For some reason, the idea of being part of a brotherhood overshadowed my right judgment.

I officially started my process of being a pledge, and even though I made connections with people that I never will forget, I will always remember that I was never comfortable. Every event, every meeting, I tried to convince myself more and more that I belonged to a group of people that didn't belong to me. As the group I tried to be part of was embedded in a culture that wasn't my own, I slowly grew to learn that I wasn't one of them, and I didn't want to be.

American fraternities already have this stigma about them that may drive people away. As there are amazing fraternities out there that do a lot for their communities and members, it's no secret that some folks look down upon it. As everyone has their different reasons and opinions, I can say that mine ultimately contributed to me dropping the fraternity, and in turn discovering more about myself than I imagined.

Comfort is something that is essential to joining any group, no matter what it is. If you are not comfortable, then you have a right to stop.

Throughout the process, it was instilled in my head that if you dropped, you were weak. Understand though, that if you decide to leave something because you feel it's best for you, then you are not weak. Do not let anyone tell you that you're below them or make you feel less than what you are, no matter how much better you think it's going to make you. Your best development cannot come from anyone else besides you. No group nor person besides yourself can ultimately decide the growth of yourself as a person.

When I dropped Greek life, I began to understand that it's about you. No one else's opinions matter as long as you're strong and firm in your own beliefs. The more I think about it, the more I'm grateful for my Greek life experience. It was difficult, it was hard, and it was annoying, but it groomed me. It groomed me to be a better person for myself. Not because I crossed or the people within the fraternity made me better, but because I found courage in myself to leave and do better for myself despite anyone's opinion.

When I pledged, I realized that my concerns and ideas did not match up with those I was trying to be part of. I sometimes think that if I pledged to one of the divine nine, or attended an HBCU, I would've had a different or better experience. Regardless, even though I am in no rush to try this again, I am happy that I went through this experience. I'm happy that I realized self-growth is the best growth possible.

No matter what anyone says, whether you dropped or they dropped you, you should always strive to be the best YOU can be.

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Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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To The GMU Sororities That Decided Disabilities Are Disqualifying, Be Better

A GMU student with Down Syndrome applied to to all eight sororities on campus. She was rejected from each one.


AnnCatherine Heigl attends George Mason University and is a part of its Mason LIFE program. AnnCatherine is 19 years old and recently went through sorority recruitment. She also has Down Syndrome, and for that, her family believes, she was released from every sorority on campus.

This may seem trivial to some, but the entire Heigl family has been involved in Greek life and used it to find a home away from home in their college times. In a Twitter post on September 16th, Lillie Heigl, AnnCatherine's old sister, asks GMU Panhellenic to do better.

lil_heigl / Twitter

The post consists of Lillie Heigl stating that she believes, along with many of AnnCatherine's friends and family, that AnnCatherine was rejected by the sororities purely because she has Down Syndrome. Later in the post, Heigl mentions that she believes any other D1 cheerleader that had gone through rush would have been selected. AnnCatherine's sister says that she is the nationally the first D1 cheerleader with an intellectual disability. Lillie Heigl lists many other reasons that she believes AnnCatherine would fit into at least one of the sororities on the GMU campus.

University of Tennessee students involved in Greek life heard about this and were less than pleased by the idea that sororities would dismiss a potential sister on the basis of disability. One young woman says that it can be hard to hear about these kinds of things happening at other universities because she believes UT does an amazing job making sure girls with disabilities are not discounted based on their disability. Another young woman was able to serve UT Panhellenic and help with the recruitment process this semester and she had a lot to say about this situation.

"I love my chapter, I love Greek life as a whole because it has given me so so much in terms of opportunities and friendships. However, recruitment is a horrible process. I don't know how to make it better. It makes me horribly sad that this sweet woman, who I am sure is amazing and incredibly deserving, slipped through the cracks. If it is true that she was discriminated against due to her disability, these chapters and the women in them should be ashamed of themselves."

In a later conversation with the student, she said, "I hope Greek life can change how recruitment is done so that it will empower young women and help them empower others since that is what sororities were made to be."

Overall it seems there is a theme here: Do better. From a personal perspective, this breaks my heart if it was truly disability discrimination. While I am in a non-Panhellenic sorority and cannot speak to Panhellenic recruitment, I have heard it is awful and to go through that entire process and not receive a bid has to be devastating.

So I challenge you to do better. GMU Panhellenic, do better. We all need to do better supporting each other, not discriminating, and standing up for students when they are discriminated against.

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