15 Habits You Need To Drop Before You Pull Into Your Next Drive-Thru

15 Habits You Need To Drop Before You Pull Into Your Next Drive-Thru

Drive-thru etiquette is real.

Having worked in a drive-thru for two years now, I have seen plenty of habits people seem to think are acceptable. I am here to tell you that they are not. Here are 15 things you may be doing that your drive-thru workers sincerely wish you'd stop:

1. Ordering from the passenger’s side.

We cannot hear you. It's as simple as that. Our speaker box picks up the noises that are closest to it, and you are not one of those noises. You can scream your order as loud as you'd like, but at the end of the day you could save yourself, your driver, and your drive-thru worker the pain and simply have the person in the driver's seat order for you.

2. Talking to your steering wheel.

This is similar to the previous issue. When you neglect to turn your head to speak towards the speaker box, your order becomes a concoction of muffled noises. Look up from your phone, turn your body away from your steering wheel, and project your words towards the box. Please.

3. Saying “Hello?” before we get the chance to greet you.

There are exceptions to this rule. If you have been waiting at the speaker box for more than 60 seconds and have yet to hear a thing from the worker, it is perfectly acceptable to kindly grab their attention. Sometimes malfunctions can occur and we never receive the "ding" letting us know you're there, or maybe it was simply human error.

However, if you just pulled up to the box three seconds ago, it is not acceptable to ask for the worker's attention. There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes. And it is possible that the drive-thru worker is attending to that and is unable to take your order right away. Please be patient.

4. Using pet names.

Unless we know each other personally, please refrain from calling me sweety, honey, babe, or anything else of the sort. You may be genuinely trying to be kind, but it makes many of us uncomfortable and can come across as demeaning.

5. Neglecting manners.

This one is rather broad. It also seems infantile to have to remind people to use their manners. However, if I didn't see it every day I wouldn't feel a need to write about it. Consider the following phrases:

"I need a..."

"I'm gonna have a..."

"Give me a..."

While they may not seem ill-mannered at the surface level, consider a few alternatives:

"May I please get a..."

"I would like to have a ____ please."

Pleases and thank yous will never go out of style. We just ask that you reconsider your word choice before ordering.

6. Dumping your old drink in the drive-thru lane to make room for your new one.

I will admit my guilt: I did this frequently before becoming a drive-thru worker. It wasn't until I saw just how disgusting it made the drive-thru lane appear that I knew I needed to stop this habit. Unless you are dumping water, your beverage dampens the appearance of the lane, will likely create a foul smell, and will now be the job of a worker to clean later that day.

7. Repeating your entire order when we only asked for clarification on one element of it.

Just because I need you to repeat one modification of your order does not mean I did not hear the rest. Trust that we know how to do our job.

8. Treating us like we are incompetent.

This point is closely related to the previous, but it is more all-encompassing. The stereotype that drive-thru workers are dull, unintelligent low-lifes needs to end. I will be graduating a semester early with my Bachelor's and am using this job to get me through school. I work with a Ph.D., college students and graduates, future nurses, mothers, intellectual thinkers, and many other competent human beings. Treat us as such.

9. Not making eye contact with us at the window.

This is just a general rule of respect. If your avoidance comes from social anxiety, make an effort to connect with us in other ways. However, if you simply neglect to so much as look at the person handing you your items, you are communicating to them that they are not worthy of your attention for whatever reason. We are human beings, not machines.

10. Holding out your payment the second you reach the window.

This may be a silly pet peeve, but I know I am not alone. Holding your form of payment out your car window as you pull up sends a message of impatience, even if that is not your intention. Please wait until we greet you to present your payment to us.

11. Expecting us to be able to break your $100 bill.

While this may not apply to all drive-thrus, it applied to a vast majority. We are not a bank, nor are we a large retailer. At the beginning of a shift, we are given a till with a set amount of change in it that will need to last us. We cannot simply break your large bill and expect to have enough change for future customers. It's not common knowledge, so if you have tried in the past there is no ill-will. However, if the worker politely tells you they cannot accept that form of payment, do not get angry with them. That's just the way it is and your attitude will not change that.

12. Driving away from the speaker box immediately after placing your order.

Once again, this communicates impatience. If you drive away without getting confirmation from the drive-thru worker there is no way to ensure they got your order completely correct.

13. Adding to and/or changing things about your order at the window.

Not only are we expected to deliver exemplary customer service, but we are also on a mission to get our customers in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you order something once you get to the window you are throwing this goal off its tracks. It's acceptable at times, especially if you are polite with your request, but we just ask that you be prepared with your entire, correct order at the speaker box.

14. Smoking in the drive-thru.

I am not judging smokers of any kind. That is your lifestyle choice and I respect that. However, I find it very difficult to believe that you cannot curb your urge to smoke for the few minutes you'll be in the drive-thru. You never know what someone may be allergic to, or what can irritate someone, or simply if someone detests the smell of smoke. Show respect and wait to partake in this activity until you are out of the drive-thru.

15. Overall, showing complete disrespect toward the person serving you.

If any of these points are news to you, you are not alone. I do not believe that every person who comes through a drive-thru intentionally does things to irritate or disrespect the workers. However, now that you are equipped with this knowledge you can be a better customer, and we can serve you more efficiently and effectively.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplashed

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I could literally go on forever because I just reference vines on a daily basis. Rest in peace Vine

Cover Image Credit: Vine

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The Gun Control Debate Comes Down To The Power Of God

My opinion on two parts to the most, in every sense of the word, "loaded" issue.

There are a plethora of difficult issues in a Christian's life, and despite what it looks like on social media and mainstream media, gun control is high on that list. It pains me to see such a divide on this issue. Liberals are painted as children who want to give up all their rights, while conservatives are seen as idiots who value guns more than human life. And Christian conservatives are seen as hypocritical Pharisees, not unlike the Nazis.

But we all know, at least I hope we all know, that this isn’t the case for either side. We all love our families, and we all cherish life. We all prefer a world where murder doesn’t exist or at least a world where mass murders don’t exist. We all want a world where our children, siblings, friends, and parents can live safely

So, what gives? If we value the same things, why are we so divided on gun control? The answer, I believe, has more layers and more depth than I could ever hope to understand, let alone write about. But I can share my own thoughts and concerns on the issue in hopes that it is a positive, edifying contribution to the dialogue.

There are two main parts to the gun control debate that most social media posts can be divided into: Gun Control Laws, and the reason for gun control. What I mean by Gun Control Laws tends to either challenge or support certain claims like “more guns= more deaths.” The second part, the reason for gun control, asks why school shootings and general acts of terrorism are happening in an attempt to answer if gun control is even needed. I think the reason why communication on this topic is so difficult is that people are often arguing on these different parts of the same topic. So, I hope my own thoughts, or rambling at this point, can help with the general discussion, even if it’s just a Conservative Christian’s (note: not a conservative that’s also a Christian) opinion on Gun Control.

The first issue, the gun control laws, is that the gun control debate is not about gun control, and it’s not about guns. I’m talking about the debate itself, the “dialogue” surrounding gun control. I think a gun control debate would look into methods and strategies of gun control. It assumes a bipartisan agreement that gun control is actually needed, which we haven’t reached, at least, not on a mass level.

Rather, the debate is about us: the people who are gunned down, the people that witness the deaths of friends and family, the people that hear about the tragedy on the news or social media, the people that want to do something. It is also about the people that seemingly don’t want to do something. It is also about the people who shoot other people, the people who go on shooting sprees in schools and other public places. The issue is about an enormous, democratic nation that is split on almost every topic, like a Giant with feet that does not want to walk in the direction its walking, arms that does not want to hold the things its holding, and a head that plans out things it does not want to plan out.

But the solution isn’t somehow forcing half of the individual body to a restriction or code. The United States isn’t a single body, it’s a group of people divided into 50 states, each with their own restrictions, which are at least just as strict as any overarching restriction. And in each state, there are municipalities. This is good because individual people are different! And oftentimes, people in a certain area tend to think alike, or agree on the same ideas.

It feels like people forget that there are stricter gun laws on the state level than the Federal level. For example, Minnesota has gun restrictions on the mentally challenged. If one feels those restrictions aren’t sufficient, one could work on changing the local, or state laws. In fact, it might be easier to work on the local and state level rather than the federal level.

The second issue, which is the reason for gun control, isn’t about us. It’s about God. The United States might work like some form of democracy, but any leader or government was placed there by God, and even they are subject to the authority of God.

But this doesn’t mean God is okay with the murderous lashes of people. God is very much against murder. He is against any form of action that places a person in the seat of the Judge. By judge, I mean defining actions, or cases, according to one’s own prescription, for example, the judge of who lives and who dies, who steals and who’s robbed, who’s to be loved and who’s to be hated… the judge of who’s judge and who isn’t judge, the judge of who’s God and who isn’t God.

Sadly, there are people who do play Judge, like the Parkland shooter, or the Santa Fe shooter, or even myself. To think that I’ve never judged in one way or another is a lie. I do it every day. But admitting that society is filled with self righteous people doesn’t solve anything, it won’t solve mass shootings, it won’t stop sin. The lamentations of the Teacher in Ecclesiastes comes to mind, “Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.”

What I’m trying to say is that whether or not we have strict gun control, loose gun control, or no gun control, we won’t be any better off. The United States in 1918 wasn’t any better then than it is now in 2018. Horrors have been performed now that the people then could never imagine. And people then practiced things that were so horrible, we riot against them a century later.

I think my conclusion, then, would come from Ecclesiastes, “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.”

But I’ll also tack on a line from Paul’s letter to the church in Rome, “...God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” We can work hard to make this world a better place by pushing for stricter gun control, by lobbying for or against issues, and by protesting for what we believe in. But the most we can ever do is pray.

Cover Image Credit: Photo by Heather Mount on Unsplash

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