Presidential debates (in fact, maybe this whole year's presidential election) are kind of like going to the dentist. It's an event that only happens every so often, and we may not particularly enjoy said event, but it has to happen for the greater good of our mouth/country. You can try to fight it, or you can just sit back and bear it. Of course, you can make anything a little more bearable if you can work up a good buzz to go with it. What better way to get into politics than to make a drinking game out of it? Because, you know, there is this thing coming up in a few months called "Electing a president to run our country for the next four years." If that thought freaks you out too, then raise a glass.

Take a sip when:

  • Someone talks over the moderator
  • The moderator talks over a candidate
  • One candidate cuts off the other
  • Hillary's emails are brought up
  • Trump says something sexist
  • Hillary says something shady
  • Trump's wall plan is brought up
  • Trump mentions his tremendous success
  • Either candidate pounds the podium to emphasize a point
  • Hillary plays the "woman card"
  • Trump says "yuuuge"
  • Hillary makes a joke about Bill
  • Someone references Trump and Putin together

Take 2 sips when:

  • Either candidate's health is brought up
  • Someone says "ISIS"
  • "Aleppo" is discussed
  • Someone mentions women's rights (i.e. the wage gap, Planned Parenthood, maternity leave, etc.)
  • Someone brings up the refugee crisis
  • Hillary makes a commitment to renewable energy
  • Trump says climate change is a myth
  • A candidate mentions Syria, Mexico, or China
  • Trump mentions his plan to bomb the sh*t out of ISIS
  • Hillary says that she will remove troops from the Middle East
  • Someone brings up "Black Lives Matter"
  • Either candidate mentions their tax plans
  • Either candidate promises to lower college tuition

Take a shot when:

  • Trump blames Obama for something
  • There's a candidate sponsored commercial played during the break
  • Trump says "we have to do something about this" and then neglects to actually mention a plan
  • Hillary wears a pantsuit
  • Gary Johnson wanders onstage
  • Bernie Sanders protestors show up

Waterfall when:

  • A candidate goes over the time limit (start drinking when the buzzer goes off or the moderator tries to stop them and don't stop until they stop talking).

(It's not too late to get caught up! If you want to learn more about the candidates and their policies, go here for more information.)