5 Awesome Ways To Use And Decorate With Dried Flowers

5 Awesome Ways To Use And Decorate With Dried Flowers

Dry flowers are as good as live ones too!


Flowers are lovely no matter fresh or even they get dried. It might be is your workspace, dorm room, study table the flowers have a fantastic positive effect and lifts the mood instantly. Beautiful flowers are always like a breath of fresh air. But, you can do wonders with dry flowers and they give out vibes as appealing as fresh flowers. You might receive flowers on special occasions, from friends and family, the times you meet your loved ones when you go on date or you just happen to get a bunch of flowers for yourself. Save them and wait until they are dry and you present yourself with lots of appealing benefits with those dry flowers. It's so much fun to try them yourself.

1.As a Potpourri


Don't worry with what to do of a lovely bouquet of most beautiful flowers. Wait till they are dry. Save them and collect them. You can place them by window sill which gets sunlight for them to get dried soon or you can tie the flowers you have with a thread and hang them upside down, wait till they dry completely. Collect the petals, put them in a glass bowl, add few drops of your favorite essential oils and voila! You have a wonderful potpourri. You can add colored marble stones and some trinkets for décor, add in few spices and herbs like basil, few clove buds, lavender, rosemary, vanilla pods, cinnamon sticks, star anise, nutmeg, whole dried roses or their petals to them. Add rose scented perfume if you have. The result would be an amazing visually appealing and fragrant potpourri. You can put them in a breathable little bags or satchels, close them and place the potpourri between your clothes, in wardrobes, bathrooms, at your vanity table, study table for a nice mood lifting.

2.Pressed Flowers


They can be wonderful and creative hobby as well as give way to good gifting ideas too. Place the flowers in between pages of a book or notebook, close them and place a heavyweight and wait for some days. Finally, you have a nicely pressed flower. You can use the pressed flowers and tie it together with a thread and stick them in a paper, frame them and give to your near and dear ones as a personal touch of gifting. Add some favorite words along in the paper if you wish. You can stack little-dried flowers and arrange them in beautiful ways, to get a nice pressed flower art, can frame them finally too. You can press them within your journals too and leave as such, as bookmarks, stick into greeting cards. A lot can be done with pressed flowers.



Collect the dried flowers and add some small marbles to them to make them visually appealing. If you have glass table and some provision to fill them, then do try to add this dried flowers and marbles so that you can have fun working with your table. You can simply place the colorful dried petals and some trinkets in a glass bottle and keep them as decor showpiece, throw in some lively fresh beautiful flowers too. You can even decorate a bulb with dried flowers. Imagination is the limit.

4.Gift Wrap


You can get a vintage retro kind of feeling with dried flowers. Wrap the gifts with a brown sheet of paper, tie a bow with a white thread, stick them with whole dried flower with stem and finally, you get a retro vintage touch to your gifts. Dried flowers and brown sheets make a classic feel all the way. If you don't like to wrap, then put your gift in a paper bag, add a spoonful amount of dried flower or petals, add a drop or two of you favorite essential oil for a nice kick. They will be surprised. If you like to have a personal touch, preserve the flowers and bouquets you get from your loved ones, the ones that remind you of your special days dry them and frame them. Save them and dry them, you can frame flowers separately so you and your loved one both could have a memory of it.

5. Go A Step Ahead

There are beautiful flowers that serve well not only out but also for your skin too. If you happen to get your hands on flowers and herbs like roses, lavender, rosemary, iris, jasmine, collect them and dry them. Grind it into a fine powder; add in essential oil, you get a rich face mask powder. It might take some time, since you need to get at least a handful of powder, but it's a good try. You can keep collecting roses and lavender as they are often seen in gifting flowers and bouquets.

We love beautiful flowers and enjoy their presence near us. Why not the same even when they get dry and shine less. These ideas will add a life to them and lets you have fun spending your time. Gifting and décor ideas will definitely add a personal touch. Try and have fun!

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9 Things You Have Been Taking For Granted But Should Be Extra Thankful For This Year

7. Your bed...


You've most likely witnessed lots of things this past year that you haven't given a second thought to. No worries! Everybody gets caught up in the routines we have and it's easy to forget how amazing certain things are. I'm here to remind you of 9 things that you should be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

1. The changing seasons


Of course, a bragging point for Michigan is we truly experience the full force of every season that mother nature has to offer! While winter might be slow, that first snowfall s unforgettable and watching the first flowers bloom in spring is always refreshing. Be thankful as we watch how nature keeps herself in balance and how she shares her shapeshifting powers with us! It's a luxury, not every place on Earth has.

2. Pillows! 


How could you not be thankful for pillows? They cradle your head and body pillows provide the perfect cuddle buddy for those cold nights. They can be soft and comforting or firm and helpful! Either way, pillows are always there for you and will never leave you. Pro Tip: Remember to wash your pillows, also. Seriously.

3. Your right to vote.


We have such an amazing ability in this country to speak our minds about who we want representing us! Regardless of your party, you are able to let your government know what you think freely and that is magical, especially when there are still places in the world where they are not able to exercise these same rights. Always remember to thoroughly educate yourself and get out there to show people what you think! We can all move towards a better future by working the polls.

4. All the places where you can charge your phone...


Your room, your car, class, your laptop, a portable charger, etc. There are now so many different ways and places to charge your phone that it's almost rare your phone dies at all? It's pretty crazy when you think of all the new ways there are to charge your phone and hopefully you remember the blessings you've been bestowed with to worry about where you can charge up. Some people have way more serious problems than that.

5. Water!


Water is the most healing element that mother nature has given us. It keeps us healthy, hydrated, and alive. We can wash ourselves and make tasty food with it, but not everybody has that! When remembering people in Flint, stay aware they still need help due to the condition of their water. (If you can donate in any way, here is some ways to help.)

6. Literature!


Literature is one of the ways we can educate ourselves about people, history, politics, religion, language, cultures, etc. There's a book out there in every genre, covering any topic under the sun and has historically been one of humanity's leading ways of informing the people or spreading change.

Revolutions have been started due to literature. On the other side of this coin, we should all be grateful for our literacy! The fact that we can all read independently, even if there is some struggle sometimes, means we always have the power to educate ourselves further. Remember your favorite authors this Thanksgiving!

7. Your bed...


Your bed is one of the comfiest things in your life! It cradles you when you've had a hard day, provides a warm space for you when you come home at night, and is the one place I know I can go to if I just need to calm down. Embrace the comfort and ease your bed provides you with every day.

8. Sunshine!


Sunshine. The sun can literally help fight depression and make people feel happier overall. During the early stages of spring and summer, we all feel elated to have the heat of the sun wrapping around us outside instead of the bitter frost of winter. The sun feeds our plants, warms our hearts, and sometimes causes us to groan when we step outside, but we wouldn't have life at all without the sun! Thank the sun for her hard work this Thanksgiving.

9. Freedom of religion...


This one is heavier, but freedom of religion is one of our greatest strengths and the very idea that our country is founded on! Pilgrims came here seeking refuge from religious persecution in England. Now, we can worship freely in any way that we wish to worship. Regardless of people being prejudice or rude, always remember and hold dear to your heart your right to worship. It's a beautiful thing to walk down the street and see dozens of people who all follow faith differently.

In all, we have lots of things to be thankful for. Some small, some we don't think of, and others we take for granted. Be thankful, remember those who struggle, and don't eat so much turkey that you immediately fall into a food coma after dinner.

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