Dressing For The Win: The Perfect Tailgating Outfit
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Student Life

Dressing For The Win: The Perfect Tailgating Outfit

How to make sure your outfit is just as on point as your team.

Dressing For The Win: The Perfect Tailgating Outfit

Clearly it has got to be hot. You have to feel confident in it. You want the opposing team's student body to gawk at you in envy. You want your own schools student body to hawk at you in envy. It's got to be sexy. But you can't look trashy. 

Game day outfits. They're something we all plan out in advance but want others to think we just threw on. God forbid people think you actually tried. Here are my thoughts on the best game day looks for frat and seat stars alike.

Tailgating before a big game, or any game, is always a top social experience. You see everyone and therefor you have to look your best. There are, of course, varying degrees of what "your best" can entail...

Freshman year, for the first few games it is very acceptable to "go all out." Do whatever your little heart desires. Pain up those abs, rock a tutu's, and bedazzle every inch of your tee shirt. No one will judge you so get it out of your system. Its a way to bond with fellow freshies in the dorm. 

As for a general game, less is more. I don't mean less clothing, don't be that scantily clad girl! Forgo the clashing of stripes, sequins and paints. Put away the abs that have turned to flab. The best tailgate outfits are very simple and classy. 

A simple tee shirt with your school mascot or deep V in your school's colors tied together with cut off denims are perfect for the early September games. You don't see Katherine Webb and Jessie Decker trying so hard. As long as the hair is big and the make up is done this look will never do you wrong. For the frat stars, a simple tee and shorts. No need to get matchy matchy men, wear whatever colored shorts you'd like. 

I've always been envious of the girls down South. They rock the dresses and heels without a second thought. Only down in Alabama is it acceptable to wear a nice sundress in your teams colors for the perfect tailgate look. Guys, show that southern charm in nice khakis and colored shirts. Yes you might melt, but you'll look beautiful. 

Play offs provide the optimal weather for tailgating. Northfaces and Kahlua spiked cocoa. It's prime. Being team color oriented and staying warm should be your main goals. I love a classy infinity scarf, long jacket and timeless riding boots. Keep on layering ladies. A long sleeve shirt with a North Face jacket will never do you wrong either. If you keep it simple enough, a cheeky tattoo will accessories your outfit perfectly. Guys, where a long sleeved shirt, black North Face shell, classy dark jeans and you're good to go. If you're confident in baseball caps, rock it, but never backwards. 

If a significant other is on the field come game day then it's more than appropriate to represent. While i've never been a fan of wearing a jersey (unless it's fitted), I love the idea of having shirts made for the occasion. A cute saying on the front, with their number on the back is a great way to show how proud you are of you significant other on the field. The cutsie shirts start and end with girlfriends and wives. Don't be the girl who rocks the number of a man that doesn't know her. That's creepy, ladies.

Things to keep in mind:

f you wear a dress, make sure it isn't tight. Casual is cool! Save that look for the after parties. The only jewelry you'll need are football beads. Wear your hair down and big, it's the perfect accessory. Save the heels and wedges for the Southern belles, boots and booties are always a classic and comfy tailgate look. If for some weather related reason the hair goes up, a perfect bow is needed.

It seems silly to some that there is thought put into tailgating attire for a football game. Aside from good food, good company and a good team though, the perfect outfit is key. Win or loose, you'll look fabulous.

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