I Love To Dress Nice For Class And You Can't Stop Me

I Unapologetically Dress Nice For Class And You Can't Change My Mind That It's Fun

The world is my runway.


I was homeschooled until I stepped foot on a public school campus on the first day of my freshman year of high school. I always loved to dress up. Growing up, I loved dressing up for church or even to quick grocery trips with my mom. Something about getting ready and wearing an outfit that I had spent time picking out just made my days so much better.

Now, that is not to say that I don't think that I looked like a complete zombie showing up to my 7 AM class in sweats and a T-shirt on the days that I just really wasn't feeling it. But, I do think that my days seem to go from zero to one hundred when I dress nicely for class.

I know that some may never understand. Some might even argue that there isn't really even a point in dressing nicely for class when you're only there to learn and take notes. See, that may be true, but I think that when you look good, you feel good. It's like a free boost to your self-esteem for the day. I do see the point in dressing nice for class, because I show up confident, excited, and more than ready to learn.

I feel like I owe it to myself to dress up every day that I can because I know that I deserve to feel good about myself. Seriously, self-love is everything. When I love myself and show myself the appreciation and confidence that I deserve, my days are so much better.

My pretty tough classes seem close to bearable when I show up wearing an outfit that I love. On days that I know I will be taking an exam, I am always sure that I dress up for class. See, my logic is: when you look messy, you feel messy.

How can I be ready to ace this midterm or write this entire essay in class, if I feel like a mess and I am constantly thinking about what I'm wearing? No one can change my mind that dressing up for class is fun (and almost helpful, in a way). I do get that wearing sweats, a t-shirt, and UGGS to class is probably the most comfortable and free feeling, but that's just not me.

There are two types of girls that get ready for class and that's awesome. I could never judge someone for being who they want to be. If you feel unstoppable in your sweats, by all means, wear them to class.

I have found my own success and content, with my hair and makeup done and wearing my favorite, cleanest pair of Vans to class. I mean, as I said, no one could change my mind when I say that dressing up for class is fun and worth it. When I come to class, I'm there to get an A and feel good while doing it.

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