My life is like a dress, there are layers to me and many alterations that are being made. I think that as I approach my life after graduation next spring I'm starting to realize that it's ok for my dress to be shorter, to look a different way, and to even be a different more vibrant color. After all, everyone thinks that they know us in our dress right?

My dress is nowhere near perfect that's for sure. I think that life likes to throw little curve balls at me from time to time, but it's nothing that I can't handle. That being said, I also have realized that I can't please everyone, something that I have learned from listening to several podcasts recently. It is hasn't been easy, but I would like to think life's curves are sent your way for a reason and sometimes just for a season (if you are lucky of course).

God always knows that I can fit in my dress, it may just be a little snug at times as I'm navigating my journey. I've also learned It's also okay to let everyone see my dress, even though it may be a total mess some days. I think being honest with even the simple things like talking about how your day was or how you've been thinking about a certain topic that was discussed in a recent podcast or YouTube video. I think it is helpful to know that everyone is rooting for me and my "dress".

But it's important to remember that you should never be ashamed of your dress and all that it entails. The right people will appreciate all your layers and all your flavors are when it comes to being apart of your life. And I truly think that's a radical thing, to have a supportive group of people around you on your team.