To The Kid Who Dreams Of Giving Speeches In Rooms Of Hundreds

You graduate high school, move away to college, and realize that you want public success. You love to talk in front of people, you have a bubbly personality, and you know the business life is for you.

You hear people saying "Oh, business? My cousin majored in that and now he's the manager at Chipotle. Poor guy wasted thousands for that." You find yourself thinking there's nothing wrong with that, and that isn't a bad job, but you have big plans. You have CEO plans. You have plans of buying, managing, and starting companies up on your own.

People call you crazy, tell you that your ideas are too far fetched-- but what they don't realize is these are the thoughts that keep you up at night. You have dreams of helping people, making their lives better with your product or service. You come up with sales pitches and slogans on long drives, you invest time into writing your thoughts down. This is what you want.

You know the business market entry level is low right now; you want to test your power.

You know that good is greats worst enemy, and you don't care about the opinions of others. You seem overly motivated to your peers... but it's become a part of your personality.

You spend time reading books and listening to lectures. The things you learn are sincere conversation starters and it's something you can talk about for hours on end.

Sometimes you reach a low point. You go out on limbs that are risky and it doesn't always work out in your favor.

What I'm here to tell you is that it's never too late.

It's never too late to take a chance that could double your success or teach you a lesson. If you work hard, don't give up, and never compromise your core values for popularity, then you'll make it. Dedication is one thing, but in this career, path insanity is hard to stray away from.

Remind yourself you can do it, and surround yourself with people that push you to reach your greatest goals.

My dad once said to me "you are made up of the five people you hang out with the most." As I grow up, this statement has proven itself to be true.

The last piece of advice I can give to you is wake up every day with ambition, no matter how beat down you felt the day before. Use the disapproval from others as motivation, and don't fail to remember where you came from.

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