Ever since the first humans went to sleep, we have been dreaming. We may not remember every dream that we have each night, but they still occur. With practice, dreaming can become a powerful tool to solve problems in our personal lives.

While we sleep, our body soaks in the memories and builds connections. Dreams provide us with a creative way to analyze events and thoughts in a safe environment. They portray so much of our subconscious mind and reflect our daily thoughts. The state of our mind during REM sleep offers an enhanced problem-solving ability that blends memories together in a novel way.

When I began to focus on my dreams and push my mind to recall them, I was captivated. I consider myself to be a creative person and fall in the trap often of losing thoughts to my own imagination. Once I started to discover the power of dreams, I had to take advantage of the opportunity. I mean, why wouldn't I take advantage of a creative and fantastic opportunity given to me every single night?

As I started actively focusing on, and remembering my dreams through journaling, I learned a few things. Most dreams have a hidden message that can be deciphered. I started to pick up on certain objects or actions that occurred in each dream. There was always something that stuck out. By using a simple dream dictionary, I began to learn and solve my own problems.

After studying my own dreams and relating them to my personal life, I was able to build stronger connections. It's intriguing to see the connections between my dreams and what's occurring in my everyday life, the way my brain solves problems for me during sleep. Symbols begin to pop up everywhere. Connecting these symbols with daily thoughts gives a lot of power to us and our growth as humans, especially in overcoming obstacles.

I hope you begin to record your dreams as I do. You should take advantage of this opportunity given to us every single time we sleep. There is so much we can learn about ourselves and one of the most fascinating features that we have, our minds.