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A Dream Job Vs. A Dream Life Is The Choice We're All Forced To Make

I do not know. Not yet.

Nadia Ashraf

In our weekly Odyssey emails, we were questioned, "What is your dream life? What is your dream job?" I haven't really thought about it. I found myself repeating the questions eight times aloud, each time at a slower pace in a different octave.

What is my dream life? What is my dream job?

I do not know.

Not yet.

All I do know is that I want to pursue a career where I can heal people in distress, whether that's physical pain or in need of emotional/mental relief. I have always been intrigued by medicine and anatomy of the human body. I have thought about becoming a pharmacist for a very long time. Ever since I was in kindergarten, I thought of medicine as a magical potion. I would take Motrin for a cold or a headache or 10 mL of bubblegum-flavored Pepto-Bismol for a stomachache.

I want to learn more about the chemistry of these drugs and how it interacts with our body systems. I have also shown interest in becoming a pediatrician because I love working with children. It's very important to make sure a child is developing properly because they will have to deal with their bodies all their lives and setting a good foundation to take care of it is critical. Recently, I glanced over dermatology, especially during my sophomore year of high school when acne crowded my cheeks, forehead, chin — pretty much my entire face.

I always felt self-conscious. I felt like people were looking at my acne rather than my eyes when we spoke. Regardless of how many times I went to my doctor, my acne did not get better with medicine but rather with time, cutting out junk from my diet, and more exercise. Maybe I can help some teenager with the same issue. Although, I am leaning towards pharmacy; I know I want to interact with patients at my job and make them feel better, ensuring that I do everything I can to make their lives a little healthier.

I am unsure about my career path due to the lack of experience I have in the medical field. But in my four years at Stony Brook, I hope to find my passion and discover that dream job. Who knows — I may not even choose any of the three professions I mentioned as my career.

Looking at the big picture is a lot simpler — my dream life. I want to live to see the day where my family is together and genuinely at peace. I come from a large family where everyone is so different; Ammu (mom), Abbu (dad), three brothers, and two sisters. Right now we are all headed our different ways — I'm here at Stony Brook, my eldest brother is a teacher, and my older sister goes to college in Virginia along with my younger brother and sister that attend middle/high school there. My other brother is a nursing student.

It's been six years since we've been together for a long span of time. I want to see my siblings find a career that they love and encourage them through their failures and celebrate their successes. I want them to settle down with their own family and find fulfillment (I know I'll be an amazing aunt). I want us to be very close regardless of the distance we may need to bear with job relocation. I want to push myself and see the extent of my abilities, learning about my interests that I haven't discovered yet.

Most importantly, I want to see my parents retired and stress-free. I don't want them to think about finances or worry about my siblings anymore. They deserve a break. They give us their seconds. I hope they can take a second to themselves to relax very soon.

Let me give a visual instead: imagine a framed family photo taken in a very green backyard, perhaps in the midst of a barbecue in the summer.

My parents would be in the middle surrounded by their six accomplished and pleased children. Next to us, our spouses embrace us and our own children are playing tag with each other. Everyone is together. Everyone is happy. Everyone says "family" instead of "cheese."

Life is perfect.

Life is a dream.

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