To The Drama Queens In The Workplace, Get Over It Or You'll Never Make It In The Real World

To The Drama Queens In The Workplace, Get Over It Or You'll Never Make It In The Real World

And that is the reality of it.


I get it. Sometimes, everything just does not go your way and it feels like the universe is against you but guess what? That is called life. It happens to everyone, not just you.

If you are working and the copy machine breaks, you spill an entire bottle of caramel sauce, or something else happens, do not make it a big deal! Quite frankly, it isn't a big deal and you are making the situation worse than it actually is. When you go to work, you are there to work and follow someone else's rules; not your own. That being said, if you are the type of person that doesn't like being told what to do: Do NOT get a job. If you do, you are just going to make everyone else's day worse.

I work at a coffee shop and one thing that I like about it is that there are two slogans we use. The first is "all negativity stays at the door" and the second is "it is just coffee". The first slogan is pretty easy to understand. When you walk into work, all negativity within your personal, non-work life stays at the door. The second is a slogan we say as a joke when we all make a mistake. Saying "it is just coffee" allows us to get over the fact that we spilled the entire caramel sauce bottle or made a coffee wrong. We make mistakes; the best part about that is that you get another chance to do it.

With that being said, there is no space for drama queens in the workplace. There is no space for those that have a "my way or the highway" mentality. If something goes wrong, get over it. Spilling a drink, making a drink wrong, the copy machine doesn't work etc. . . is not the end of the world and it is definitely not something that needs to be overly dramatized.

If you are the person who makes every little thing dramatic, then you are making the workplace a hostile and miserable place and no one is going to want to work with you. Rather, no one is going to want you to work there period. Plus, drama queens get eaten alive in the real world.

What is the real world you ask?

Well, this goes out especially to all the high school and college students that still live at home with their parents (that is not a bad thing by the way) and don't have bills to pay or someone depending on them. You don't live in the real world; you live in an over-sized bubble and you may think that you taste the real world but you don't. Shoot, I don't even see the full real world even though I live by myself and pay bills along with my college tuition.

When you finally get your degree or settle into a job that is actually a career, you cannot be dramatic about every little thing. Can you imagine how it would be if you walked into a hospital because you had a bump on your leg and the doctor took one look at it and dramatically made it a big deal because he/she said right away that it was cancer without running any tests? That would not be good and that doctor could very well lose his/her license.

Managers and co-workers will not respond politely to you being a drama queen and that is the reality of it. No one wants to be around someone who always complains, whines make everything a big deal and negatively reacts when something doesn't go their way.

The fact of the matter is that you are there to work; you are there to be ordered around and do your job. There is no time for you to be dramatic. Being dramatic equals wasting time. A time you could be used to fix whatever went wrong instead of crying about it.

Drama needs to be left at the door and if you are the type of person who brings drama everywhere you go, then you need to be left at the door too.

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Being A Lesbian Sucks

To women who say they wish they were a lesbian; you don't.


My girlfriend is not a man, obviously so because she is my girlfriend, emphasis on girl. Society has been conditioned with men holding the power. In a world dominated by men being a lesbian has more problems than just homophobia.

There is an automatic assumption that because we are not with a man we are single. Without the dominating presence of a man other men feel safe to come on to women in lesbian relationships, whether they know we are together or not. We aren't always in a safe situation to say we are together so if he doesn't pick up on the social cues it only gives us two options: politely laugh and attempt to remove ourselves from the situation or say we aren't interested. Both options are equal in undesirability and saying we are uninterested can lead to them just pushing harder. The boyfriend card usually works, but lying about our relationship makes us feel terrible.

The fetishizing of lesbian couples and threesomes are a problem because of media and porn. They hyper-sexualize lesbian relationships until they are nothing but sex. From this the winning question, "Do you want to have a threesome?" With the assumption both or one woman in the relationship is a lesbian and not bisexual, pansexual, or etc. A threesome with a man is completely out of the question. The thing about lesbians is that we like women not men, a threesome with a man goes against our identity as a lesbian and makes no sense. And even if both women are bisexual a normal man wouldn't walk up to a straight couple and pop the question of a threesome. So don't do it to us.

We also find ourselves being disrespected as a customer in a professional setting. Men in job positions belittle women who are at the mechanic, the lawyer, the doctors offices, and the bank, for just a few examples. They assume we don't know anything and are ignorant, so they treat us with no respect. They attempt to manipulate us for this and that to achieve their own personal gain. Without a man lesbian couples are even more subject to this because we don't get any respect. A man will be immediately respected and in a healthy relationship he can establish a power balance with his woman partner to the person in charge. Lesbians, (and other single women) don't have these short cuts. We have to establish ourselves then and there for having worth and show we deserve to be treated like full grown adults. Hopefully we also have the knowledge to not suffer from manipulation.

The difference in skill sets is something that can be a problem for everyone in this sexist society. We associate pink with girls and boys with blue. Girls with cooking and guys with tools. Most of us were taught different things and learned different skill sets. Most women I know, including me, don't know how to change a tire. How many young men go off to college having never done laundry in their life? With lesbians we usually don't know an important skill that was specifically taught to men. We might not know cars, or tools, or how to tile a floor. We are set back in our development as fully functional people in a unit. We lack key skill sets that were predetermined for men, unlike straight couples where there is usually a balance of skill sets.

The problems that arise from lesbian relationships are problems associated with a male dominating society and the gender division we face along with it. To abolish these we have to achieve equality and work on teaching the generations to follow that women are just as good as men. It's tough being a woman and a lesbian even harder.

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