One Thing The Dragon Ball Series Has Taught Me

One Thing The Dragon Ball Series Has Taught Me

Piccolo realizes how much further he can grow with compassion and forgiveness, the same way Gohan now realizes that everything that once held him back doesn't stand a chance against him.

Yes, I am writing about an anime series that is completely slept on by those who are either too good to watch anime or too good to admit that they are curious as to what the hype is. I was both once and now that I am here, I recommend watching it.

The Dragon Ball series starts off with Dragon Ball, which is centered around a little boy named Goku. His real name is Kakarat, who is a Saiyan but is taken in by an earthling who names him Goku. His original purpose on earth was to destroy the entire race and dominate the planet, but he hit his head and completely forgot why he was there. Hitting his head also turned him into a compassionate Saiyan which later creates conflict in Dragon Ball Z. Regardless, he learns Marshall Arts throughout the entire first series but in doing so, he realizes his powers are much more than anyone else's. Or, he doesn't realize that but his master, Master Roshi, and all of his friends notice that there is something strange about him.

Anyway, throughout the first series and where I currently am in Dragon Ball Z, one thing that is heavily emphasized is understanding and making peace with your weaknesses. This is seen when Goku has to separate himself from his ego when he has to learn to clear his mind and especially with his tail. This is also seen in Dragon Ball Z with Gohan, Goku's son, and Piccolo Jr. Vegeta, a-not-so-compassionate Saiyan, also learns his weaknesses when on Earth.

Besides the pointless background, the most important part of this series, to me so far, is when Piccolo trains Gohan. There is a long list of weaknesses for Gohan; His attachment to his mother, his inability to fight, his fear of everything, his doubtfulness, and his inability to do anything for himself or by himself. When Piccolo steps in, he forces Gohan to face all of these by forcing Gohan to live on his own for 6 months. During this time, Gohan has to encounter things he has never encountered in his life but that Goku did as a child. He had to fight for his food, sleep alone, be away from his parents, and take care of himself in an unknown place.

And for Piccolo Jr., a man with a somewhat nasty attitude, offered to train Gohan. It was never directly mentioned in the show, but two of his weaknesses were his attitude and his lack of compassion. But taking care of Gohan made Piccolo realize that there are things beyond himself and his ego. He even develops another sense that tells him if Gohan is in danger. The care that he develops for Gohan is so strong throughout the rest of the series that it makes you realize how strong you can be if you turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Now, together, both of them have become stronger than ever. Piccolo realizes how much further he can grow with compassion and forgiveness, the same way Gohan now realizes that everything that once held him back doesn't stand a chance against him.

That is what turning your weaknesses into strengths is like. It's focusing on what you lack rather than where you are the best at and it's focusing on what you can do to better yourself every single day, rather than saying, "I'm here so I don't need to get any better." You always have room to get better and the best place to start is with all that is wrong with you. Your weaknesses are what will hold you down until you look at them as obstacles you can get over rather than part of who you are. Nothing has to be a part of who you are. You can always outgrow who you are and old ways, you just have to want to.

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5 Romance Movies NOT To Watch For The Romance

Don't be tricked. (Warning: spoilers.)


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1. "La La Land"

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2. "The Graduate"

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