I am Sarah.

Sarah I am.

This poem is not about green eggs and ham.

It's about how I suck at texting.

Yes it's true, I suck at texting.

This is the issue I'm addressing.

Please understand, I'm not to blame.

I just don't communicate the same.

I'm really not trying to push you away.

I just don't like to talk that way.

In real life, I'm very extroverted,

Even if my text responses are one-worded.

I suck at texting in my house.

I suck at texting in a blouse.

I suck at texting at the gym.

I suck at texting her or him.

I suck at texting here and there.

I suck at texting everywhere.

It might upset you, but it's just how I feel.

When we text, it's like you're not even real.

Texting cannot take the place

Of getting to see you face-to-face.

I want to feel your warm embrace

And be in the presence of your grace.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but last time I checked,

When we play with our phones, we can't connect.

Come be with me, come take my hand.

Come walk with me across the land.

Spend time with me inside my house,

And lay your head upon my blouse.

Let's see a movie or go for a swim.

Just you and me, not her or him.

Being with you is more important

Than sending texts when we are distant.

You see now why I suck at texting.

This is my issue I'm professing.

I suck at texting, yes it's true,

But only because I'd rather see you.

I suck at texting all the time.

I suck at texting, but I can rhyme.