Download Latest GBWhatsApp APK for Android

Download Latest GBWhatsApp APK for Android

Download And Install GBWhatsApp Android APK


GBWhatsApp is a popular app for the Android platform. Basically, it is a pass by application of the original WhatsApp. You can access the WhatsApp messenger by installing the GBWhatsApp. It is available on every platform. The GBWhatsApp APK is compatible with different types of smart devices. The connection of the internet is not very important in the case of GBWhatsApp. APK of GBWhatsApp is a marvelous invention. It is available on the Google play store.

What is GBWhatsApp APK?
Are you facing problem in using the WhatsApp on your device? Then the GBWhatsApp is the perfect solution for you. You can access the facilities of the WhatsApp from the GBWhatsApp APK. There are many websites which will allow you to Free Download GBWhatsApp APK. You can download APK of GBWhatsApp from there. The GBWhatsApp is very famous among the users. It has satisfied a large number of customers.

How to download the GBWhatsApp?
There are some simple steps to follow for the download of GBWhatsApp APK. The APK of GBWhatsApp is available in several foreign websites, which will allocate you to Free Download GBWhatsApp APK. But, this is harmful. The link they provide may contain some viruses or malware, which will act as spam in your device. So we will advise you to only Download GBWhatsApp APK from the official website of the GBWhatsApp APK. You can also download the GBWhatsApp from the Google play store. Downloading the GBWhatsApp APK from these websites is safe.

How to install the GBWhatsApp APK?
Once you have downloaded the GBWhatsApp APK from the external sources, then you are all set for the installation process. The installation process is also very simple. You first have to find out the APK of GBWhatsApp file in your storage. You can start the installation just by taping on the GBWhatsApp APK. After that, you have to open the security and then tick the unknown source. These are very necessary steps. Until doing this, you cannot initiate the installation procedure on your device. Then you have to set up the account. Once you have successfully installed the GBWhatsApp app, you have to open the app on your device. The app will demand a mobile number to which the account will be linked. After giving the proper and valid mobile number, you can access the GBWhatsApp ultimately.

Features of the GBWhatsApp application
There are various fantastic features of the GBWhatsApp. These features will attract you to the GBWhatsApp APK. This app is an ultimate alternative of the WhatsApp. You can link your mobile number and the email in the GBWhatsApp. The status you share, now you can delete them also. You can control the contacts who can see your status, and also who cannot. Also, you can share videos and a large number of photos. You can share your location through the APK of GBWhatsApp. This is the latest feature of the GBWhatsApp.
For the above features, the GBWhatsApp APK has become a very popular application among the young generation of our country.

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Ladies, We Need To Stop The 'All Men Suck' Mindset

We've made them out to be a villain.


Not every frat guy is a thirsty thirteen-year-old trapped in a beer chugging body. Not every guy just has sex on his mind. And not every guy is going to break your heart, rape or harm you. Yes, statistics show that a woman has a higher percentage of getting raped compared to a man. But those numbers represent the action of O-N-E person. A person did that. A man is just another describing detail to go along with it.

"Boys suck."

"All boys are thirsty."

"Guys are so gross."

The list of words we have described guys for goes on and on. And it needs to stop. If we want to go somewhere in this world on a platform of equality we need to stop label the male species as a thirst villain.




Best friend.


Just some of the words that describe men.

A man is not some horrible beast trapped in human flesh.

They are just as human as a girl. So how come, as a society, we have turned a blind eye to the way we have started treating males compared to how we may treat a female. Yes, both sexes have issues when it comes to their reputation, gender roles, and societal stance. However, if we are going to start talking about how as females we can make a name out of ourselves in politics, we need to recognize and honor the fact that "not all boys suck."





Role model.

Growing up my best friends where guys. Yes, I have had the whole awkward "he likes me now time to hit the friend-zone" button happen more than a few times. But even then, the guys who I have surrounded myself as friends in life have been some of the most protective, trustworthy and warm people I have ever met. I always knew that would have my back. And they never stopped once to stand beside me.

There will be men who come in your life who aren't that warm. Who will break your heart. Who will try and take things too far. But we cannot let the person those people define who men are, as group. If we do that, we fail in a fight for equality and we have drawn ourselves as a whole in a society of labels.

We need to break away from the idea that every frat guy is going to just want sex. I once got dumped over a text at a frat party and the guys outside spent 40 minutes talking with me about the breakup and offered their security guard to walk me home. There was no, "You want to get over him, well you came to right place" sort of thing. It was real people, real emotions, real conversations. You know why? Because they are humans too. Underneath their skin is the same blood and heartbeat that flows in a female body.

Not every girl is going to be sweet. In fact, I'd argue I have run into more dangerous girls then dangerous guys. We need to remember that it is not the gender that makes these choices but the person. A female can rape, break your heart and catcall too. She can be evil. Remembers the words of father, son, husband, mentor and etc.

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England Team's Performance Review in World Cup 2018

England Team's Performance Review


There are many comparisons to be drawn between England's run to the World Cup semi-finals and Liverpool's run to the Champions League final last season. Both sides played with a youthful abandon, and attempted to play attractive, attacking football – Liverpool managing that somewhat better than England.

Yet both teams were hindered with a defensive frailty that seems hard to quantify. Dejan Lovren, Virgil Van Dijk, John Stones and Kyle Walker are all solid defenders, yet they all looked slightly naïve for Liverpool and England respectively.

The reasons for this does not lie with the defence, rather those in front of them. Harry Kane and Roberto Firmino both carried out their defensive work diligently and efficiently, but were let down by their midfield.

For both England and Liverpool, Jordan Henderson lacked the foresight and anticipation to break up opponents play. Wijnaldum and Lingard are great players, but again, their naivety often sees experienced pros get the better of them.

In two vital games for England and Liverpool, Luka Modric won the midfield battle and pulled the strings for his team, setting them up with the platform to succeed. The introduction of Naby Keita to the Liverpool squad will hopefully rectify Liverpool's midfield problems next term.

But how will the transfer of Xherdan Shaqiri help the Anfield outfit? Does it make sense? Will it benefit the club? Check out our analysis of the Shaqiri signing below.

Who is Xherdan Shaqiri?

It's fair to say the 26-year-old Swiss winger has been around the block a bit, without ever really cementing himself anywhere. In fact, before his move to Liverpool, his club history would have read well in reverse: FC Basel, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan…. Stoke City.

Whilst at Bayern Munich, Shaqiri failed to establish himself in the first-team, largely due to the wingers that were in front of him: Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery.

In January 2015, Shaqiri had grown bored of playing second-fiddle at Munich, and moved to Inter Milan for a reported 15 million euros. Bizzarely, he failed to settle in Milan and made a shock move to Stoke City 6 months later.

His signing was seen as a major coup for the Potters who were trying to shake off the image of long-ball merchants that they had gained under the stewardship of Tony Pulis. There were moments of brilliance in his time with Stoke, notably a stunning goal at Goodison Park against Everton.

Yet there was something missing from his play, seven goals and three assists in his first two seasons at Stoke disappointed fans. Although he improved his tally last season – notching eight times – his performances frustrated the Britannia Stadium faithful.

Shaqiri's stocky appearance led to accusations of a lack of fitness and poor application in training. What caused the most criticism however, was his blatantly lack-lustre performances, at points last season he looked completely disinterested in the plight of his team.

Following Stoke City's relegation, Huddersfield Town were rumoured to be interested in grabbing Shaqiri's signature. But it is understood that the Terriers head coach David Wagner determined the Swiss winger to be lacking in the attitude and fitness that he demands from his well-drilled team of over-performers.

Shaqiri demonstrated none of the fighting spirit that characterised Huddersfield's remarkable Premier League survival last season. So why has Jurgen Klopp gone for Shaqiri then? Both he and Wagner are best mates, so surely Wagner has told him his concerns.

The World Cup

Major international tournaments are a great window for players looking for a big move, just ask Spurs fans who have yet to see the same Sissoko that they saw playing for France in Euro 2016.

Mind you, if you're a Liverpool fan, you need little reminding of World Cup inspired transfers. El Hadji-Diouf and Salif Diao anyone?

Shaqiri excelled for Switzerland as they battled their way through a group stage including Brazil, Costa Rica and Serbia. There was a discipline to his game, and alongside Granit Xhaka, he seemed to be the only player capable of a moment of quality in the Swiss team.

Despite exiting at the round of 16 stage, Shaqiri had impressed enough to earn him a redemptive move to Anfield, and maybe Jurgen Klopp thinks he's the man to get the best out of Shaqiri. Like Brendan Rodgers thought he could get the best out of Mario Balotelli…

Will Shaqiri be a success?

If a player with hordes of potential hasn't managed to fulfil that potential, then there's generally a good reason for that. Normally, it's that the initial hype was over-egged and off the mark, and sometimes it's because they lack the requisite mentality to succeed at the very top level.

Nicklas Bendtner, Jack Wilshere, Joe Hart, Daniel Sturridge, Mario Balotelli, Freddy Adu (one for the Football Manager fans), Lee Sharpe…the list goes on and on. All of these players were once tipped for great things and are now in some form of footballing obscurity.

Nicklas Bendtner is more interested in pursuing a celebrity career and recently had a failed stint with Nottingham Forest. Jack Wilshere has been deemed surplus to requirements at the Emirates, Joe Hart is a national laughing stock and Daniel Sturridge injured himself almost immediately when he arrived at West Brom.

Of course, there are anomalies, sometimes a player does realise their potential under a certain manager, and there's no doubt that Klopp has the motivational characteristics to get the best out of Shaqiri, but it's doubtful that he could turn him into a world-class player – which is what Liverpool fans demand and deserve.

Who next for the Reds?

The transfer market is up in the air at the moment, with the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo set to spark a domino effect across the European transfer market. Madrid's move to replace CR7 could open up transfer opportunities for Liverpool, and the best place to keep up to date with all the goings on is Transfer Hound.

Every Premier League club has a designated page with all the latest rumours, tweets and information on any possible transfers, and it's much more reliable than the man in the pub who said he saw Gonzalo Higuain at John Lennon Airport.

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