13 Tips To Keeping Your Lady Parts Safe And Healthy
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Health and Wellness

13 Tips To Keeping Your Lady Parts Safe And Healthy

Ladies, your vagina will thank you.

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Yes, I used the V-word. There is nothing to be ashamed of when talking about our sex organs and I think it is time we all become more comfortable with it. Taking care of our lady parts is actually way less complicated than people think and a lot of what people think is helping is actually just making things worse.

Here are some ways to keep yourself healthy and fresh, without harming yourself in the process.

1. Use 100% cotton pads and tampons.

Most women probably don't think it matters what type of feminine products they use, but it does. Shockingly, the most popular brands sold, like "Always", are the worst things you can put down there.

It has been discovered that "Always" pads release styrene, a known cancer-causing chemical, along with chloroform, acetone, chloro-methane, and other toxic chemicals listed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Toxicology Program.

Both scented and unscented pads were tested. None of these chemicals are listed on the "Always" label. The worst part is these secret toxic chemicals are coming into contact with some of the most sensitive and absorptive skin on our bodies! This can lead to cancer, miscarriages, and infertility.

100% cotton pads and tampons are completely made of cotton and have no harmful ingredients in them. Make the change because this stuff matters.

2. Use condoms instead of birth control.

Birth control can be extremely damaging to your body. Common side effects of birth control are weight gain, decreased libido, mood changes, nausea, headaches and so many more. They can also strip you of certain hormones, leaving you in pain and unhealthy.

Not only are condoms more effective, but they protect you from STD's and STI's way better than birth control. They are also something you don't have to remember to take every day, you just use as needed. Condoms are physical proof that you are practicing safe sex.

Condoms have no side effects. (Unless you are allergic to latex, in which case, buy non-latex)

3. Stop vaginal douching.

Vaginas are pretty awesome. They basically have their own ecosystem so it doesn't need anything to stay clean and fresh. It just does that on its own. All you ever have to use is water. How easy it that?

Douching yourself will most likely only screw up the pH balance and make you smell bad, which is the opposite of why people usually buy them.

4. Never use soap.

Unlike how men clean themselves, women cannot get soap down there or it will become irritated and burn. Not only will it hurt, but it can throw off your vagina's pH balance and cause Yeast infections or UTI's. So be careful next time you take a shower or bath and keep the soap away.

As I said, the only thing you need to keep yourself clean is water.

5. Cure UTI's with D-Mannose.

Whenever anyone gets a urinary track infection the first thing the doctor prescripts is an antibiotic, but for a simple infection like a UTI there is a better, cheaper solution.

D-Mannose works just as well as an antibiotic for curing UTI's and it is not a harsh drug. When you take an antibiotic, not only are you killing bad bacteria but you are also killing all of the good. So it will leave you more susceptible to future infections. Most of the time when people take an antibiotic for a UTI, they get a Yeast infection, so you get rid of one problem but gain another.

D-Mannose only goes in the body to clean out anything harmful in the bladder, then it is done. You can get it at any health food store and you don't even have to see a doctor.

6. Use coconut oil for Yeast infections.

If you feel a Yeast infection coming on, rubbing coconut oil on the area can stop the infection before it gets out of control. Since coconut oil has natural anti-bacterial and anti-infection properties, it is a really healthy alternative to fixing a Yeast infection and you don't have to go to the doctor for a prescription.

7. Stop waxing and shaving yourself bald.

It's 2018 ladies. Women shouldn't have to feel like they need to shave bald or go through painful waxes to feel sexy. Women have hair too and waxing or shaving can cause a lot of problems.

Pubic hair is there with a purpose, just like why we have eyebrow hair. It is there to protect our sensitive areas from soap, sweat, and bacteria. Removing all of the hair means you are opening yourself up to infection.

After shaving or waxing for a long period of time, the skin can become so dry and tender that it starts to burn and becomes painful. Once this begins, it is hard to fix.

I'm not saying let your pubic hair turn into a jungle, but there are ways you can trim it up nice without having to remove it all and put yourself in harm's way.

8. Don't use any "scented" products.

A lot of pads, lubes, feminine wipes and toilet paper now say "scented" on the label. These companies think if their products will make people smell nice more people will buy them, but if you see "scented" on anything you are going to put on your lady parts, put it down.

In my eyes, "scented" is just another word for chemical. You don't want to put anything like that on your sensitive areas. It can cause irritation or even infection.

9. Use lube during sex.

People always say "reaching for lube in the middle of sex ruins the moment" but let's grow up. It so doesn't and it is worth it. It takes one minute to get the lube out and it makes a world of difference.

Using lube prevents sex from being dry and this means there are no moments of pain or discomfort. Also using lube makes it way less possible for the condom to break, not to mention it feels good, too.

10. Don't use bath bombs.

Just like how you wouldn't want to wash your vagina with soap, you definitely shouldn't let it soak in soap. They are super cool to throw in your bath but it really isn't worth it if it does more harm than good.

11. Eat yogurt.

Eating yogurt, believe it or not, is super good for vaginal health. It helps balance out your vagina's pH levels to keep things fresh and balanced down there.

Just like coconut oil, you can even put some plain yogurt on the irritated area and it will balance out your pH.

12. Drink a lot of water.

The best way to prevent getting UTI's is to drink a lot of water every day. Most people get UTI's from drinking too much coffee and not enough water. It is a lot easier for infection to start in dry areas, so make sure you continue to flush out your bladder all day long.

13. Relax.

Like all parts of the body, the vagina functions the best when you are relaxed. We have muscles all over our body, including our sex organs. When you feel stressed, a lot of people hold tension in the pelvic area, which after a long period of time can cause a lot of muscle pain and is not easy to fix.

So take a deep breath and relax, because you are a woman and women are great.

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