10 Important Things To Bring To Your College Dorm

If you're moving into a dorm for your first year of university, you should be excited! Dorm life is a great way to meet new people and learning how to live with others. The best part about living in a dorm is that you are on campus, so if you feel like sleeping in that extra five minutes, you can. While dorm life is exciting, make sure you don't forget any of the necessities! Here are a list of ten things I think are important to bring to your dorm.

1. Coffee Maker

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I know that most of us can't resist buying a Starbucks coffee every morning, including me. You don't need anything expensive because a simple coffee pot will work perfectly! This is a great way to save money and a guarantee that you will have a cup of your favorite coffee or tea every day instead of waiting in those incredibly long lines before class!

2. Desk Lamp

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You would be surprised how helpful this is. Some desks in certain dorms provide head lamps for the desks in the rooms, but some don't! Often times, the universities' websites will tell you what each dorm provides, so I recommend checking that first. When you're up late and your roommate is asleep, you will thank yourself by having this!

3. Mattress Pad

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Mattress pads are a must if you want to make your bed as comfortable as possible. Chances are, the mattresses are worn down and have been used before you. And even though your dorm bed won't feel as comfy as your bed at home, this is a great way to make it as similar as possible!

4. Wall Hangers

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Unfortunately, dorms will not let you use nails to hang stuff up, so wall hangers were my best friend. They are damage free and a lot easier than trying to nail something into the wall. They are perfect for hanging your coats, jewelry, back packs, calendars, or anything else you may need!

5. Power Strip Outlets

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Chances are, you will only be limited to a few outlets between you and your roommate. So, I highly recommend buying power outlet strips. These are going to be crucial, especially if you find yourself charging multiple devices at one time.

6. Mini Fridge

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Dorms usually have a community kitchen with a fridge that everyone can use. But sometimes using the community fridges can be risky because there is always a chance that your food can be stolen. So, make sure you have at least one small fridge to share between you and your roommate. There are a lot of stores that sell inexpensive mini fridges made specifically for dorms!

7. Clothes Hangers

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This can be an easy thing to forget! Bringing all of your clothes to college and realizing that you didn't bring hangers for your closet would be a huge bummer, so don't forget!

8. Laundry Hamper

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We don't want to have our dirty clothes all over our beds or our desk chair. I recommend bringing two hampers if you have way to many clothes like I do. Plus, this is an easy way to prevent having to separate your whites and colors before washing!

9. Shower Caddy

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Unfortunately, some of us are not lucky enough to have our own bathrooms in the dorm, so these are a necessity. I never liked the thought of placing my shampoo and other products on the ground since I had to share the bathroom with 20+ girls in my hall. So, these are a good way to ensure that all of your products will stay organized in sanitary!


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I apologize for the all caps, but these are the absolute most crucial thing you will need for dorm life if you have a community bathroom accommodation! Even though the bathrooms are usually cleaned every day, do not take the risk of showering barefoot. I have heard stories of people getting athlete's foot and I would hate if that happened to you. You hardly have to spend any money on these, just go to the dollar store and buy some cheap flip-flops. I promise, you will thank yourself a thousand times if you do. DON'T FORGET SHOWER SHOES!

This list is a bit random, but I hope it can be a good guide for you to pick out the most important things you need for dorm life. My list is a very general outline of what I recommend but may not be what your specific college recommends. The college website usually provides a list for what you should bring to your specific dorm, so don't forget to check that out!

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