Finals week is stressful for all of us, there's no denying that. If you're like me, you will try to do anything else but study for as long as you can. My suggestion, watch The Office. For those of you who don't watch, you definitely should start. Here's how finals week goes, told by Michael Scott. Disclaimer: only true Office fans will appreciate this.

1. Waking up the morning of your first test:

2. Stepping on the M in the Diag on your way to the Ref:

3. Forgetting to buy a blue book before your exam:

4. Thinking that your teacher would make the final just like the study guide, but being really wrong:

5. Walking out of your final knowing you didn't do so hot:

6. Not caring how your finals went because you are finally done and going home!!!:

7. Getting home and checking your grades: