I Write For Myself, Not To Go Viral

In the world of technology and the internet age that we live in, writing has become something that people do to feel like their voice is being heard. People create blogs, join organizations like Odyssey, or simply write long Facebook posts to share their ideas. And as great as I think this increase in writing is, I think somewhere along the way we seem to have lost the true meaning of writing.

Personally, I write for myself. Sure, I love to have readers, but ultimately, that's not why I write. I write because it helps me better understand whatever I'm writing about or to work through a tough issue in my life.

It feels nice to have my voice out there for someone to read. However, I don't write for popularity's sake. Because let me tell you a secret: it will never satisfy you.

I've had articles and blog posts that have gotten less than 50 page views, but I've also had articles that have been looked at nearly 2,000 times. In the scheme of things, 2,000 people are not very many people. And between all these articles, the ones I care about most NEVER get the most views.

Sure, an article with ideas for long-distance dates or a list of great YouTube videos is fun, but that's not my best work. That doesn't get to the heart of my writing. Yet, these are some of my more popular articles.

I write to put my thoughts into words. I write to understand my own ideas floating around in my head. I write to work through my own struggles. And along with this, I write in hopes that my writing will positively affect the life of another.

Therefore, the articles I'm most proud of are not the ones that get the most views. Instead, they are the ones in which I am vulnerable in my writing and share thoughts that are close to the struggles or joys in my own life. I like my writing that shares deep issues that I may not even have solutions for yet. These pieces of writing are articles that I want others to read, but oftentimes, this is not what our world is interested in.

I write to challenge and stretch myself, and in turn, maybe it will have the same effect on others. Yet, many people don't want to be challenged in their ways of thinking or feel called to live with a higher standard. With the great influx of writing, people are no longer looking for quality writing. Our world is instead interested in pop culture, drama, sex, alcohol, and writing that affirms their opinion.

So no, I don't write in order to have an article go viral. Because often enough, articles that go viral are not written with high quality or of much actual substance. Instead, I write to share my own journey in hopes that a few people will join me in attempting to live with a higher standard and ponder about issues that affect our own lives and the lives around us.

So, join me.

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