Don't Trivialize My Hobby

We all have different interests and hobbies that we like to spend our free time doing. Some things are a lot more socially acceptable than others and people are often quick to judge things they simply do not understand. The number of times I have heard, "That's just a waste of time," when talking to someone about one of my hobbies is absurd. Why are some uses of free time deemed more acceptable than others? And why do these prejudices seem to target introverts the most?

If I was to tell someone that I liked to play soccer in my free time, no one would bat an eye. They would take it in stride and continue on like normal, but the second I mention that I like to watch anime or play video games I am immediately judged. "Think of all the productive things you could be doing with that time," or "if you spent that much time doing something real then you might actually be accomplishing something."

This is not me hating on anyone else's use of free time. It's simply a defending of my own. If I want to spend several hours a day playing video games instead of playing soccer or learning to dance then let me. Your practicing soccer is not going to make you a better person and knowing how to dance is about just as useful as knowing how to underwater basket weave for some people.

Free time is used for letting people do what they want and to enjoy themselves. Not please you or fit your status quo. I might think spending all your free time making yourself physically exhausted is dumb, but I don't. So please refrain yourself.

I could go on and on about the benefits I personally gain from the video games in my free time. How the stories have helped me grow as a person or the friends I have made through these games but that would just be a waste of time, because its something you would not understand. Much like how I don't understand why you like playing ultimate Frisbee so much. We all have our idiosyncrasies and trying to mold others to fit yours is just wrong.

So next time you're talking to someone and they say the like to do something you think is "pointless" why don't you stop and think before you open your mouth and say something negative. You may think that you're helping and just trying to save us from ourselves but you're not. You just want to impose your own ideals on someone who is nothing like you and doesn't want to be anything like you especially because you are just a judgmental bigot.

Let me be me. And I'll let you be you.

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