We need to talk about one of the most common phrases said when someone is about something; "How can you be upset about (any number of issues that you have a right to be upset about) when women are getting abortions?"

I've seen that statement, or any variation of it, when people begin to talk about gun control, animal abuse, the environment, or even something that may seem mundane to most, but important to the person who is talking about it. For example, how they lost their favorite necklace or how Starbucks didn't get their order right.

I understand; some people are very upset about abortion. Although I am pro-choice, I understand where that feeling of sadness about abortion comes from. However, when you tell someone that they're not allowed to be upset about anything other than abortion, you're taking away their right to think for themselves (sort of how pro-lifers are trying to take away women's rights to their own bodies, but I digress).

Don't tell me that I can't be upset about how a man killed 17 high schoolers, or that I can't be upset that vendors in China are selling baby sea turtles in small plastic pouches as keychains, because believe me, I'm upset. I'm upset that those lives were lost, and that those animals are living in such terrible conditions.

Even if I were pro-life, I'm pretty sure that I would still be upset about those issues, and many more. I can't imagine that those who are upset about abortion have never felt a moment of sadness for any other issue.

To be honest, I'm not sure why some of those who are upset about abortion believe that you shouldn't be allowed to be bothered by anything else. I'm not sure if they realize the damage that that could cause. Putting focus entirely on one subject alone, no matter what the subject is, is incredibly dangerous. The issues that I care about will not be determined by anyone but myself.