Bitterness stems from jealousy. It's as simple as that. An acquaintance of yours posts on Facebook about their new job or their promotion and, the second that you see it, every kind thought that you've ever had about this person flies out the window simply because they've achieved a goal. You may try to rationalize the bitterness that you feel by telling yourself that it is just a fluke and that they don't deserve it- that this definitely has to be their peak, but that will only help for so long. Eventually, you probably end up just ignoring them so that you don't have to feel like you're having their success rubbed in your face all the time. Newsflash: this attitude gets you nowhere and you wouldn't be feeling this way if you weren't subconsciously wishing that you had the determination to achieve your own goals that you've set for yourself.

We live in an incredibly future-driven society, meaning it is frowned upon for us not to be constantly working towards something- some kind of big, distant idea for our future. While it sucks that we seemingly aren't allowed a second to live in the moment, I suppose that this is ingrained in us for our own good because, without anything to set our minds to, we often just sit idly waiting for something to fall into our laps. We tend to feel bitterness for those around us that are successful because it is easier to feel that way than to set our minds to accomplishing whatever goal that we really want to achieve for ourselves. Sometimes, the bitterness that we feel drives us. We get filled with such energy, negative as it may be, that it shifts us into gear and helps us to get things done. While this may be effective at first, there comes a point in the future when it is more beneficial to the overall outcome that we change our thinking into working hard for the sake of our own happiness and not in spite of others'.

Harboring bitterness inside of you creates walls between you and those around you. It is impossible to create lasting, meaningful connections with your peers when you are constantly dreading the moment that they are going to achieve something that you haven't. It is a fact that some are not as driven to achieve goals as others and that's okay. We all have to live our lives according to what we want to achieve and some people are content with living a more simple lifestyle.

However, if you think of yourself as one of these people who is content with the way things are, but find yourself feeling bitter towards your successful peers more often than not, maybe it's time you try for yourself to change something up in your life by setting small goals for yourself every day. Accomplishing something that you have trained yourself to think of as a goal the same way that your successful peers think of their's will make you feel proud of yourself for having achieved something you set your mind to.

I am writing this article for myself just as much as I am for you. Bitterness is shallow and allowing such a shallow thing to impact your life in such a profound way is just plain silly. It can ruin relationships and prevent new ones from forming. We all should just a second and look inside ourselves instead of projecting our unhappiness onto others.