Friendships In College Don't Need To Be Found During Freshman Year
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Don't Stress About Finding Your BFF's Freshman Year Of College

You'll find the right friends at the right time.

Don't Stress About Finding Your BFF's Freshman Year Of College
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Freshman year. So much excitement. So many expectations. Such a sense of entitlement. It's a wonderful time.

Freshman year is a season that will never come again and this is a year you will most likely always remember. Maybe not for the reasons you expected, but you'll never forget it, whether good or bad. You entered college thinking you knew exactly who you were as an individual, and you had a perfectly laid out plan in your mind.

You thought you would study for a specific degree, only to change it multiple times. You thought you were firm in your beliefs, only to challenge and question everything you were taught your entire life. You thought you could balance work, life, and school miraculously without getting burned out. And the biggie: You thought you and your new roommates would instantly be friends for life and always agree on everything and your room would be oh so Pinterest perfect.

Let's all laugh now, shall we?

Some of you may have lucked out in the roommate/friend department. I personally still think I got pretty lucky freshman year and got to do life with some amazing girls that I am still friends with today. But I still wouldn't say the group I hung out with freshman year are still my besties to this day.

I didn't meet my best friend soulmates until almost junior and now senior year of college.

Which is 100% okay, so don't stress if you haven't met your besties just yet.

You might not even meet them until after college, which is also 100% okay. You have so much growth to do, both on your own and with your friends. You'll see who sticks it out with you for the long haul, and the ones who fade away. I've seen both sides, with some amazing friends who have helped me through my darkest moments, and those who disappear or never make it past small talk conversations. I've also been that friend who sticks around and the friend who fades out. Whoops. So don't be too hard on yourself, or your friends either. We all change and become different people who may not mesh anymore, and that's okay.

You never stop growing in your identity, in your beliefs, in your priorities. So don't be afraid to stick close to those friends who always have your back no matter what. But also don't be afraid to let go of certain friendships that aren't helping you grow into the person you were meant to be.

Some friends are placed in our lives to help us through a certain season, and after that, it's time to move on. Now is the time to be picky about who you spend all your time with. When else are you going to spend 4 years living on a campus with thousands of people your age? So love people fiercely, but know that at the right time you're going to find your lifelong buddies. Because when you know, you just know.

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