Poetry - Don't Speak For Me

Hey Readers,

This week left me with some serious thought on words and how powerful they can be. As of late, I know it seems that communication is wielded in negativity. However, with speech comes varying degrees of how words are used. While we cannot control everyone, we can control ourselves and our intent behind what we say.

May your words bring you to a happier and healthier place and more love along the way. I only hope my writings, as I've said many times before, can serve as a guide to a healthy version of self. Good vibes to you all!

Speak for yourself

But don't speak for me

I respect what you have to say

And how you feel is your own

But don't speak for me

Speak for yourself

But don't speak at me

Agreeing to disagree is quite ok

But how you do it determines in which way

I have to tell you again

'Don't speak at me'

Speak for yourself

But don't speak away from me

Talking around in circles makes it dizzying

To wonder how you carry on this way

But, as I've said before,

Don't speak away from me

Like someone not cognizant of

Conversation among differences

Understanding your point of view

Why run away from something you never knew?

Words are power

But I warn that those who say the same,

'Don't speak for me,'

May only do so to avoid responsibility

For the power of their words causes infliction of hurt onto others

Never to be seen as anything but ammunition

My words are my own

Although not perfect, they are mine

To try to heal

To try to maintain

To try continuing to be who I am

And love those who mean the most to me

So, let me own my speech

For no one says it quite like me

Speak for yourself

But don't speak for me

May your words not distance

But attract welcoming company

But you must speak for yourself

And not for me

Only then, will you understand

What it means to be of true individuality

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