Don't Wait To Make Those Positive Life Changes

Ah yes, the decades-old New Year's resolution. Somehow, the turning of the year has become an excuse for everyone to attempt to change their lives in major ways, as if they couldn't do it any other day of the year.

First, let me preface this by saying resolutions are silly, yet I make one every year, as everyone else does. The new year brings an extra wave of motivation to better ourselves. Most resolutions are something like eating better, drinking more water, or going to the gym. People take New Year's as the time to figure their lives out and decide on what they need to improve.

But of course, everyone usually gives up within the first month or so of the new year. That "new year, new me" desire to change for the better fades once we bore of salads and pilates classes. Being better is hard when we've been fine the way we are for this long. I'll just try again next year!

That's why this year, I'm making my resolution... to change absolutely nothing.

That might seem lazy and stupid, but hear me out.

What makes you think that you need to make a major change right now? Probably nothing, except the tradition of making a resolution. You've probably drifted through 2018 with the same habits and lifestyle you've always had. Really, you only want to change so you can have a resolution. There's no change you can make to your life on New Year's that you couldn't make any other day, and it'll have the same life-changing effect that it would if you started New Year's Day versus any other day.

Resolutions are excuses. We tell ourselves it's fine to exist on nothing but pasta and cheese because our resolution is to start working out in 2019! We'll just wait until then to make any positive lifestyle changes.

I'm making my resolution to keep my life largely the same as it is right now. Because I'm happy, and because no resolution is going to make me eat better or work out more. The only thing that can make that happen is my own dedication.

We let go of our resolutions because "it was just a resolution, it's no big deal, no one really sticks with theirs." But when we wake up on an ordinary day and decide for ourselves that it's time to change, that's when change really happens. Our motivation needs to come from a place of inspiration and real desire to change, not from some silly promise we make to ourselves as the ball drops with full knowledge that we won't keep it up past January.

The tradition of making a resolution is cute and fun, and it's a part of the New Year's festivities. I just want everyone to remember that you don't have to wait for the countdown to the new year to decide to make a change for yourself. If you want to be healthier or happier, any old day is a great day to start.

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