Being Christian Doesn't Constitute Putting Others Down

Recently I have been noticing or hearing about people who claim to be "Christian" yet feel the need to talk down to people around them who are not. This not only makes me angry, but it makes those people who are being talked down to feel bad and alone. Last time I checked, that is the opposite of the message of Christ. As someone who describes themselves as a person of faith, I have never understood the motives behind this mindset. Maybe it was the way I was raised, but I always thought that being a follower of Christ meant showing everyone love, no matter what they believed in.

Love seems to be a tricky thing these days.

In our current world, people find more ways than ever to avoid showing people love and treating everyone equally. Just look at the news, no matter what your political beliefs may be I hope we can all come to a consensus that everything shown to us these days is about hate. So my question to all those "Jesus Lovers" who are perfectly okay with criticizing the beliefs of others whom they may not agree; Are you sure that qualifies as being Chrisitan?

I am not trying to put me up higher than others, here. Everyone on the planet is guilty of being malicious towards others or judging people, but the point I'm trying to make is that you shouldn't do those things when you claim to live the lifestyle of the one person who never did those things, ya know? They always tell you that the reason bullies are bullies is because they don’t like themselves. Sometimes I wonder if that applies to other sections of people too.

God loves you, do you love yourself?

If you really feel the need to harp on people who haven’t found God, don’t want to find God, or believe in something other than God, I think your biggest problem is yourself. How can you share the message of Christ’s love without being an example of Christ’s love? You can’t, and that’s the bottom line. So how about instead of breaking down those in other religions or walks of life, we lift them up and show them the love that we claim to be shown by our God. I think that sounds easy enough, when you boil it down all you really have to do is mind your own life. Focus on the issues you face, finding love in your own heart, and being the best person you can be before projecting your own doubts and troubles into the lives of others. You are loved, no matter what you believe and where you are in life, so why not show others the same?

Just don’t be sh*tty.

That’s really what it comes down to. Treat everyone with respect no matter what they may believe. If that’s a hard concept for you to grasp then maybe you need to rethink your own life choices.

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