Don't Push Religion On Me

Time and time again I see extremely religious people attempt to shove their morals down the throats of others. Grappling at straws to chalk every event up to part of "God's plan" or telling people, "you're only here on this earth because God wanted you to be."

Your faith is an idea. A concept in your head that no matter how hard you try, you can't just make someone believe.

Forcing your religion on someone is like writing your notes with an empty pen. Nobody can see the thoughts that you wish to express. It's pointless and you're getting nowhere.

My faith left me as soon as I took a second look at what the world really was. A dark, desolate place where humans crave to believe in a higher purpose. To comfort themselves with grand ideas of a promised land.

We fill our head with these dreams of a happy ending and there's nothing wrong with that, but faith isn't for everyone.

Faith never helped me through the most difficult time of my life.

I used to pray every day to feel better. I begged God to fix my suffering in any way that he could. I pleaded with him to take away the burdensome emotions I couldn't seem to shake. My calls were never answered, as I plunged further into the hole I had been desperately trying to crawl out of.

I realized I didn't believe in the same things that some of the people did around me. But that's ok.

What wasn't okay was the reaction that some people have to those with different beliefs.

Everyone is equally as entitled to their way of thinking as the next person. We're all trying to live a life that seems to mean something to us and if faith answers your questions, then that's great.

But if your faith leads you to think other people are wrong for believing what they want, then it's time to take a second look at your own morals.

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