Our dogs are too often left at home for hours and hours with nothing to do. As I am sure you all have heard hundreds of time, we are their entire lives. We are all they know, so we need to start trying to bring them along whenever and wherever we can.

1. Take them to Starbucks.

Yes, I realize this sounds ridiculous, but Starbucks has a drink for you and your little pal. All you have to do is ask for a puppuccino at the register if you're inside or at the drive-thru window if you're in the drive-thru. A puppuccino is a little espresso shot cup of whip-cream, and trust me, your dog will absolutely love it.

2. Take them to the beach.

There is nothing more adorable than seeing your dog see the beach for the first time. They can run around in the sand, jump in the water, and flash their perfect smile all day long. This is the perfect activity for you and your pooch on a nice day.

3. Take them to Target.

Who doesn't love Target? You get to browse through the seemingly never-ending aisles of one of America's favorite stores AND hang out with your best friend. What beats that?

4. Take them on your errands.

Busy day full of errands? Take your dog for some company! Many places not only welcome your furry friends but have treats waiting for them! Whether it be the bank, post-office, or grocery store, take your dog!

5. Take them to the park.

If it is a super nice day and you find yourself at a loss of what to do, grab your dog, a blanket, a good book, and head to a nearby park to spend a nice day outside! Wouldn't hurt to also take a ball to throw around for your little guy.

6. Take them for a drive.

Ever just get the urge to drive around and listen to music? Next time take your dog along for that ride! Roll the windows down to they can stick their head out of the window and I guarantee they will have an amazing time.

7. Take them for a walk.

If you're not really feeling a chill day in the park, try taking them for a walk. Both of you will benefit from the exercise, and it's just one more thing you can do with your best friend. Plus, you get to show off your dog to the neighborhood, and who doesn't love that?

8. Take them to the pet store.

Taking your dog to the pet store to pick out toys and treats will most certainly ensure that they have an extraordinary day. Most stores sell both items on the cheaper side so it won't break the bank either.

9. Take them to the dog park.

Chances are there are many dog parks near your home. If you find yourself bored and wanting to get out of the house, grab your dog and take them to the dog park! They will get to run around and play with other dogs which will make for a great day and improve their social skills.

10. Take them to breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Most restaurants do not mind if you bring your dog to eat with you as long as you get a table outside. You will have a date that won't stand you up and your dog will get to spend time with you outside of the house!

No matter where you take your dog, they will just be happy to be spending time with you.