Whether if you believe in astrology or not ( I mean maybe I do) you have to admit that everyone has similar qualities according to his or her astrological sign. As a truly born saggitarius, one of my biggest weaknesses is having too many friends; I am loyal to all of them including the bad ones.

Growing up I didn't know how to distinguish good and bad friends. I understood that everyone had different qualities as a person, therefore I never really thought about what a "good" or "bad" friend meant.

Since moving out and being on my own, I realized I have accumulated so many friends over the span time of a few years and I consider most of them as my family. Once I did that I would give them the benefit of the doubt and started giving them so many "second" chances. I overlooked the issues I had with my "family" and didn't realize that my relationship with them was causing myself harm.

That saying "keep your friends close but your enemies closer" is one of my least favorite quotes.

No one should keep an enemy close. I mistakenly considered an "enemy" as a "friend" for so many years and I lived a competitive and negative life. Keeping your enemy close is setting yourself up for failure because in vulnerable moments when you need someone to hold you up and support you; your frenemy takes you down instead.

Getting into college was a huge change for me. Not only was I moving to a new town but I then realized who my true friends were. Instead of congratulating me, I had a few people tell me I was stupid for choosing to move away or I was dumb to spend my money to go to a university.

True friends would have congratulated me and understood how hard I worked to get where I am today. They would have supported my decision to move and just be happy because I was.

I always double check myself if I'm being a frenemy as well. If so, why was I? I don't want to be competitive with my friends and I truly only want the best for them.

Do yourself a favor and cut out all the frenemies, you're going to see the difference in your support system.