Don't Just Call Me Beautiful

Growing up, I always felt that being beautiful was the most important thing I could ever be. I would take my mother's make up and beg her to braid my hair. I would stare in the mirror and wish that I could be thinner, taller, tanner, prettier. I remember feeling that I wasn't ever enough because I wasn't as "beautiful" as I wanted to be.

Some days I felt worse than others, some days I was filled with so much self-loathing that I didn't even want to go out in public that day. Maybe I would have felt different if more people told me there are more important things I could be besides beautiful.

One person who is really good about reminding me that beauty is only skin deep is my grandmother, who I refer to as Nonnie. growing up she has always told me, "Being told you are nice is the best compliment you can receive." Now I understand how true this statement is.

So many girls and even full-grown women feel that the best compliment they can receive is "you are beautiful." Don't get me wrong being called beautiful is a wonderful feeling but what about the other compliments out there?

I'd like to share a list of compliments with you to tell someone today. Giving someone a compliment not only makes the receiver feel better but you feel better as well.

1. You are smart

2. You are empowering

3. You are easy to talk to

4. You have a contagious laugh

5. You make me happy

6. You are kind

7. I am proud of you

8. You bring out the best in people

9. Colors seem brighter when you're around

10. You're one of a kind

11. You are strong

12. You're thoughtful

13. You're hilarious

14. You are determined

15. You're someone's reason to smile

16. You're very special

17. You are so versatile

18. You are such a hard worker

19. I could listen to you talk all day

20. I love who I am when I’m around you

21. You're a great cook

22. I appreciate you

23. I love your style

24. You are genuine

25. You are enough

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