Don't Ignore The Warning Signs When It Comes To Mental Illness

Holidays may seem like the happiest time of the year. But that does not mean mental illness takes a break.

In fact, this could be the worst time of the year for some. Having to "Fake Happy" is the absolute worst. Everyone expects you to be happy, to be excited to spend time with their family. Or, they could be having a harder time from not being able to spend time with their family.

Don't ignore the warning signs during the holiday season, even if you think that someone might be doing better.

I think it's incredibly important to check up on people even if they might not do the same for you. And if someone starts talking to you out of the blue, well... don't ignore the warning signs. It might not always be a red flag, but the signs are right there.

This time of year could be incredibly difficult for those that have strained relationships or who have lost someone dear to them. No one's perfect. No one can wish their mental illness away just because it's the holiday season. The world is not perfect, thus no one should ever expect perfection (although it's nice to strive for perfection).

If someone wants to get help and is asking you for help, well, what better good deed is there than to help someone in need? If someone has the strength to ask for help, go on and embrace it!

Too many people that are near and dear to my heart are suffering from mental instability and it stinks, it truly does. And there's not much I can do than to continue fighting to break the stigma that is still surrounding mental illness.

It's easy to blame excessive sleepiness and working too hard or hormones instead of attempting to get diagnosed. It's hard when you lack a support system. That's why it's incredibly important for us all to educate ourselves on symptoms that we may not be able to spot.

Someone may not be sleeping enough or sleeping way too much. Someone could be overeating or barely eating. They may not want to go out and do things with you and not be able to focus. Mental illness can take form in so many ways. It is truly terrifying but we can make strides to get everyone the help that they need.

Speak out for your friends and family, but most importantly, speak out for yourself.

Everyone should just be a little kinder and gentler to everyone around them - including yourself - not just during the holidays but year round. Life has its hardships and we all have our battles to fight. We shouldn't cause more stress to one's life than what is already present.

Make sure to check on your friends, especially those who are less present. Also, never forget that your mere presence can be a gift. Being there for someone in a time of need could mean more to them than you could possibly imagine.

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