As summer quickly comes to a close and a new semester/season emerges, new goals and experiences are on the horizon.

Recently, I got out of a year and a half relationship. I thought I would be sad and heartbroken. But I wasn't. After I put up with a situation where I wasn't being treated right for so long, it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders when it ended, which is not always what you may expect to feel.

Whenever you feel like you are in a toxic situation such as an unhealthy relationship, it is in your best interest to get out of that situation and focus on yourself, what you want, and your goals. There are people out there who are like you and will treat you the way you want and the way you deserve to be treated. And they will come when it is the right time for you, and you won't ever have to feel like you are settling for something less than you deserve.

Another thing I have learned this summer is to always go after what you want and be bold. A lot of the good things in life take a lot of work and dedication to achieve. But what I have learned is that everything will work out the way it is supposed to in the end.

As we all approach a new school year, whether it be your first year of college or your last, I think it is so important to remember to stay positive. We live in a world where the workplace is more competitive, considering the fact that so many young adults have college degrees now. We also live in a world where technology is everywhere, so there may be even fewer jobs nowadays since technology can take care of so much. Yes, the world can be challenging, but there is always a plan for everyone, and something will fall into place eventually, when it is the right time.

I hope this is a motivational post for others like me who may feel like they struggle sometimes but are learning and growing throughout the process. I once read once that every time we go through something that is challenging or difficult, we get stronger, and the challenges we face in the future are not going to be as difficult as they were in the past.