Growing up we all had a certain profession in mind that we had dreamt about because of some book or movie, and then one day our parents broke the news to us that it wasn't realistic. Our dream career was suddenly downgraded from astronaut or fashion designer to engineer or accountant... but why? Nobody ever said our dreams had to be boring. Because as we got older our parents feared that we would lose sight of reality and actually believe that those things might be realistic. They feared that we might really believe that those things could provide us with a stable income and health benefits, when they knew that they possibly couldn't. But what if they were wrong. What if our wildest dreams were actually possible, but they decided to prevent us from even attempting them before we could try it out for ourselves.

I am a huge believer in the idea of putting happiness before almost all things, and I am also a big believer in being responsible and realistic. So recently I got to thinking: what am I going to tell my future kids about their dreams as they grow up? I finally decided on one way that seemed the most fair. I will encourage my children to dream big, and to have realistically unrealistic dreams that push them to reacher higher. I will allow my children to think that being a pilot or a ballerina is possible, but first I will make sure that they know that anything is possible with enough hard work. I will encourage them to dream big, but to work even harder. I won't flat out tell them no, I will simply tell them that they may dream as big as they want, as long as their work ethic matches their aspirations.

When I was a little girl, I dreamt of being a fashion designer, and I even designed thousands of dresses as a young kid. Around the third grade, my parents told me that being a fashion designer wasn't realistic, and that I should come up with a backup plan. So, I did, and I still constantly think about pursuing a career in fashion, marketing, and makeup. What I realize now is that dreams like these are possible, they aren't unreachable, and I shouldn't shut them out entirely.

So, if your parents told you a long time ago that you needed to come up with a dream that was more realistic, don't quit so easily, just work hard enough to get what you want. Sure, pure talent is a factor in some dreams, but hard work can come pretty close to matching talent. So, if you find yourself wishing you never gave up on being an astronaut, or singer, then remember that any dream is possible with the hard work that it requires.If you were looking for a sign to chase a far-fetched dream, this it it. You are capable of anything which you are willing to work for.