Are You Finishing In Last Place?
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Are You Finishing In Last Place?


Ladies and gents of the gradating spring class, your time is quickly coming to an end. We are just about hitting that home stretch or, in other words, the last month of your college career. Did the last four years of your life just flash before your eyes? Good, good. That means we are on the same page.

As a graduating senior there are about three routes you could take, at this point. You might be the student who has been prepared for this moment since fall semester. You have internships or jobs lined up directly following graduation. You also have a polished resume and more connections than you can count on two hands.

If you’re shaking your head and rolling your eyes, you’re probably the student who falls in the middle. You aren’t exactly delusional when it comes to post-graduation plans, but you’re tired of applying for every position that includes the words “media” or “writing.” You’ve actually resorted to Netflix to ease your frustration.

Now, if you don’t fall under either of these, you’re the student who is just realizing that in four short weeks your parents are cutting you off and it’s time to start paying for your own vodka tonics. But hey, no shame, you could always hang around for a year and do that fifth year victory lap, right?

Regardless of where you fall, even if you’ve fallen into the deepest black hole, there is a way out. Allow me to enlighten you on the simple things you can do to make post-graduation not look like an arch nemesis.

First things first. Dress up your resume. If you want to score your dream job that you’ve been eyeing ever since that one girl from the older pledge class starting working as P Diddy’s back up dancer, you can. Your resume is key to getting the job you want. It’s what is selling you to your future employers. If you don’t have a dazzling personality, then your resume is also your lifeline. Put down the positions you’ve held that actually correspond to the jobs you’re looking for.

This is going to seem obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many students take procrastination to another level. I’ll lay this down easy – apply for jobs. You aren’t going to be walking down Fifth Avenue on your summer vacay and brush shoulders with Simon Cowell and he offers you a position as a judge on X Factor. Take the initiative and look up, I mean stalk, every possible position in every possible city you’d be willing to take. Taking action is what will get you a solid post-grad job. Sitting back and letting life figure it out might not be the brightest idea.

Another road to take is looking into some last minute internships. If you’re the student who feels like you may not have gotten enough experience in your field, take an internship. Do you feel like your resume doesn’t even touch base with your job interests? Take an internship. Or are you the student who didn’t do a single internship in those four year of school and now you don’t even know if your major is what you want to do? Take an internship. This is your one way of taking one last practice round before the real thing kicks in. This is also risky because a lot of companies don’t offer internships to grad students.

Do your parents a favor and don’t slack hard in your last semester. I know it’s your last semester of being an irresponsible college student but, remember, you did work for something. You don’t want to throw it all away because you decided to take nine tequila shots the night before your Chem II exam and now you’re starring at another semester because you failed a mandatory class. Bad move. There’s plenty of room for those nine tequila shots on a night when you don’t have obligations the next day. Remember how much you hate student loans.

If you are one of those students who has been making connections since your freshman year, it’s time to start connecting with those connections. Are you embarrassed because you’ve hoarded that one email from 2012, when you were looking for a summer internship and they said keep in touch? Don’t be. It’s time for you to shoot them that email you’ve been anticipating on sending for the last three months. Reach out to anybody and everybody you know, or barely know, who can help you. If you want a specific job, don’t expect it to be easy. Spend time thinking about who you’ve come in contact with over the years that can hook it up. Talk to them.

Hopefully, you have more of an idea of what you need to do to stay afloat and not finish in last place. Remember, you’ve been working at this for four (or more) years. Finish strong and be proud of what you have accomplished. Keep in mind that everyone around you is probably feeling the exact same way as you, so don’t hesitate to ask for advice. 

Now one last thing, just because graduation is to be taken seriously, doesn’t mean you should pregame for your ceremony…or does it?

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