I Don’t Feel Like I Have A Hometown

I Don’t Feel Like I Have A Hometown

I want to call happiness my home.

I feel like I don’t have a “hometown.” It’s not sad — I feel connected to everywhere I've lived. I love many of the people I’ve met and from moving at the beginning of 6th grade to moving to college have shaped me to be the person I am today. I don’t feel a bond with just one place. I love Charleston, obviously! Living in downtown Charleston is really cute, exciting and new to me, so I’m happy here. The thing is, I really haven’t hated a single place I’ve laid my head.

From living in Elon, North Carolina to Frisco, Texas to Hampstead, North Carolina I’ve had experiences that made me the gal I am today. I’ve met my best friends, discovered my passions and realized that North Carolina isn’t that bad, I actually love NC. I went to private school all through elementary school with mostly the same 16 kids throughout the six years. There were only six girls in the class including me, so moving from small town North Carolina to everything’s bigger in Texas was a little of a shock. My middle school had a couple thousand kids and all of the sudden no one knew me and I was labeled as the new kid. In a way, I loved the attention of being new a large school because everyone wanted to get to know me or know where I was from. Moving around is cool in that way, you don't have a reputation so you can be whoever you want to be and by that, I mean leaving all the negativity in the past. I loved Frisco, Texas and I have always loved Texas in general since my childhood family trips to visit my Aunt Di and Uncle Wayne in the summers.

To my 6th grade self, moving back to my small town in North Carolina was the worst. I hated the thought of going back to a place where I knew everyone. It was good for me in the long run because I’ve always been one for change and a little over a year later I moved to Surf City, North Carolina and I went to the beach every day of that summer.

I went to Topsail High school all four years, which was the first time since elementary school that I had gone to the same school for more than two years with the same people since my elementary school days. People move for different reasons, but no matter the reason, moving around and meeting new people makes you grow in a different way than people who live in the same place their entire life. You are forced to be happy with yourself and put yourself out there. I haven’t kept up with everyone, but everyone impacted my life in some way and I'm who I am today because all the incredible people I've met. Who knows, maybe you'll get an Instagram direct message from a boy you went to middle school with and end up reconnecting. Thank you to my kindergarten class with Ms. Adams, much love to my 6th-grade chorus class with Ms. Rodriguez, thanks for all the memories, Topsail High School Drama, and I’m forever grateful for my new college BFFs for helping me through my first year at College of Charleston. I don’t feel like one town is my true hometown, but the little unique pieces from each place have made me, as someone pretty rockin' called me, the Southern beach town beauty I am today.

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8 Things Your RA Wants You to Know


Moving into a dorm your first year of college can be very intimidating. You've seen the movies, you've talked to your older friends, but you're still a little nervous. We all were a little nervous moving in our first year, anyone who says otherwise is lying. The movies aren't entirely accurate, especially when it comes to the RAs. Here's a list to help guide you a little when moving into a residence hall your freshman year, and here's exactly what to expect from your RA.

These are seriously helpful hints from a previous RA, if you know these things going in your freshman year in the dorms will be a breeze when it comes to RAs. Read the list and dominate your freshman year, because these are the things your RA wish you knew.

1. We are friendly, therefore we love friendly people.

Don't even pretend like you're too cool for your RA because that will either make them completely resent you or try way too hard to get you to open up. I can tell you right now that those are two things you definitely don't want. Don't be afraid to say hi or go out of your way to introduce yourself, we like that.

2. Don't kiss up.

No one likes a kiss up, not even your RA. If you try kissing up chances are we are just going to be slightly annoyed and slightly suspicious of you for the rest of the year.

3. Be smart.

Here's the catch to RAs: they are there to make sure you follow all the rules of the hall. We know you're going to go out and do things you're probably not old enough to do, but be smart about it. Don't drink in the halls, especially if you're not even legal to drink. Don't go out and get wasted only to come back and trash the halls. You can go out and do your own thing, and as long as you don't cause any problems throughout the hall then you won't get in any trouble.

4. We want you to come to events.

We put on these events specifically for you, so when you don't come it sucks for us. Don't be afraid to just stop by for the food, because we will honestly be happy to see you.

5. We aren't stupid.

We know when you're trying to get on our good side so we won't get you in trouble, we know when you're drunk, we know when you're doing things you shouldn't be doing. We are simply RAs, we aren't stupid.

6. We are students too.

We are there to help you adjust to college, it's literally our job. So don't be afraid to reach out, we're students too, we know what the college transition is like and we are there to help you.

7. Don't you dare turn to passive-aggression.

Being passive aggressive will solve exactly zero of your problems. Don't be passive aggressive to your roommate, to your neighbor, or even to the people that live down the hall.

8. We aren't there to spite you.

We are just doing our job, we aren't trying to annoy you or trying to get you in trouble. So don't be upset when we bust you for drinking in the dorms because you're not allowed, not of age, and it's our job. In the end, it's not our fault it's yours.

These helpful tips will make your time in college just a little easier. College can be hard and having troubles where you live isn't something that you want. So know what your RA wants you to know, and dorm life will be a breeze.

Cover Image Credit: http://nique.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Freshman-Dorm_Online_Edit.jpg

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To The Girl Who She Thought She Was Ready For Something But Isn't

Sometimes things don't work the way you want them or do they?


There could be a multiple of things that you thought you were ready for. It could be that first trip that you planned on going alone, a higher job position, a new relationship. Just know that when you take that first step, you technically are ready for this new transition. It's a matter of running the whole journey with it. Its okay to give up if there is no other option, but don't give up so easily when things get rough. Whatever situation that you are going through, there is always someone to help guide you through it. Just know that you don't have to make that journey alone. I am in a new part of my life and my journey wasn't easy but I know that I can't fight what the universe wants.

Its okay if you're unsure of yourself but there are parts of the universe that wanted you to take that first step. Whether it's a manager or a friend that believed in you to give you the opportunity or the idea. If you start to feel like that this journey wasn't a good idea, you should assess yourself and see if this is what you want. If the answer is yes, then pursue it with all of the power that you have. I've noticed when something new is in my life isn't working out how I thought, it's normally how those surrounding me react to it or if I start to negatively self-talk myself to go back into my comfort zone. You can't stay in your comfort zone forever and not rise or fall. We are all scared of the fall, but you haven't lived if you haven't taken that leap and ended up fine on the other side.

There are multiple ways to hype you up for this next stage in your life. You can combat the negative self-talk with positive stating that you can do this. If you find that you aren't getting anywhere, go on another project that will bring you success so that you can come back to this one with a clear head. If you are going into a new role at work, watch videos of other leaders that can inspire you to combat through their journeys. There are multiple ways to make sure that you succeed, but it all comes down to you because you are the one willing or unwilling to make the journey. If you don't have your full heart in this then what's the point?

All of this comes down to if you are willing to believe in yourself or not. I say if you weren't willing to make this leap yourself with a full heart then you need to reevaluate yourself. I am going through a new journey in my life right now and it tests something that I'm not good at naturally. I normally go about things that I'm naturally good at, but it's time for me to fly rather than walk. If you are struggling with something new in your life, don't let it ride but surf the tide. You got this!

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