I Don't Call People Beautiful Because We Are More Than Our Physical Appearance

I reserve the word "beautiful" for a greater meaning.

Trinity Tew

People are entirely wrapped up on the idea of image. Don't you agree? Are you pretty? Are your eyebrows "on fleek"? Are your lips too small or nose too big? What color is your hair?

I heard on the radio that instead of focusing on image, people should use their imagination and become people who are beautiful from the inside out. I like that a lot. I firmly believe that the word "beautiful" is overused and has lost its meaning. I think I'm going to stop using the word "beautiful" to describe someone's looks. Their looks can be pretty or gorgeous. But the heart and soul can be beautiful. Yes, people are beautiful. They have good genetics, their parents are both good looking, yata yata yata. But how you look, naturally, without make-up and curly hair, you have no control over. It's solely depends on your family and your DNA. So, why do we put so much stress on outward looks? We should care more about the inside than outer appearance.

You know how someone might be pretty to you, but then they say something mean or they're extremely rude and they automatically aren't as pretty anymore? Your character plays a key role in how pretty someone perceives you as. Why don't we all just become beautiful people on the inside, that way everyone thinks we're pretty? Call me cliché, but it's what's on the inside that matters.

Just as the "modest is hottest" rule applies, the outside should show what's on the inside. Modest people are attractive because they have self-respect. Beautiful people are beautiful because they are kind, caring, compassionate, respectful, and it shows. Intelligence is also attractive. When you use your imagination, explore your creativity, and gain knowledge, you appear very attractive. So, use your imagination, not your image.

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