Don't Believe These 7 Health Myths

Don't Believe These 7 Health Myths

Common health advice and "facts" that aren't really true.


Popular health myths: It may be a shock to some people, but I have to tell you this stunning fact: everything you read on the internet is not always true! In our age of fake news, let's examine a few of the popular myths that you've been told are facts:

1. Flouride in Water is Bad:

There's been an uprising in certain corners of the internet against flouride in public tap water. Somehow it's gotten a bad rap as being unhealthy, or some kind of tool of government mind control. Flouride helps strengthen your teeth, and has a track record of reducing cavities for decades. It's a big reason why our generation has fewer cavities than our grandparents. In fact, it's such a good thing that the Center for Disease Control has called it, "one of the top 10 achievements of the 20th Century." Wow, doesn't sound bad to me!

2. Vaccines Cause Autism:

Oh, boy. This online myth has probably done more harm than any other when it comes to children's health. Basically, in 1997 a British surgeon published a report claiming that vaccines increase risk of autism in children. Turns out, a lawyer looking to prove a link paid the surgeon about a half million dollars to write the report. While the report was soon discredited, the claim spread like wildfire, and thousands of parents still believe this myth. As a result, a number of conditions like measles, mumps, and rubella that should have been eradicated, have made a resurgence in the 21st Century.

3. You Only Use 10% Of Your Brain:

About 2/3 of people questioned believe the myth that we only use 10% of our brain. However, modern science and imaging confirms that we actually use the whole thing! Sure, we can learn to optimize it and make new connections, but the whole "10%" thing is crazy. Maybe it's just the people who believe everything they read that need to use their entire brain? Sorry, had to!)

4. Garlic Repels Mosquitoes

Before you gobble down a plate of scampi and march confidently into the jungle, you should know that there's no evidence to support the myth that mosquitoes hate garlic. The only thing you'll repel smelling like garlic is your friends and family! (and possibly vampires?)

5. Eggs Are Bad for Your Heart:

Eating an egg or two each day has not been shown to raise your risk of heart disease. Yes, the yellow yolks have cholesterol, but the nutrients, protein, and omega-3's in eggs more than make up for that. All things considered, eggs are a healthy addition to your diet.

6. Deodorant / Antiperspirant Causes Breast Cancer:

A number of scientists have been concerned with the idea that antiperspirants and deodorants can be absorbed through your underarm. The fear is that this may be unhealthy and increase your risk of breast cancer. However, the National Cancer Institute claims that there is no evidence that antiperspirant or deodorant increases risk of breast cancer.

7. Eating Breakfast Helps You Lose Weight:

A lot of people believe that eating a big breakfast will help you be less hungry throughout the day, and eat less. There's no evidence to support this myth, and in fact, research shows that people who skip breakfast actually consumed about 400 fewer calories per day. Popular diets like Weight Watchers have recently retooled their point system to discourage empty carbs (waffles, pancakes, toast, hash browns) in favor of fruit, which now cost zero points." So, if you're on a diet or looking to lose weight, consider a smaller, healthier meal at breakfast.

Don't Believe Everything You Read Online! Ok, that's our list of common health myths! Remember, the internet is full of fake news, so before you change your lifestyle, political views, or diet because of an article that your friends shared, do a little research on a respected website.

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Somehow, I Ended Up With The Best Roommate Known To Man

I've truly been blessed.


College can be a very stressful experience to prepare for. From orientation to selecting your classes for the semester, your responsibilities quickly pile up. On top of all that, you also have to find somebody who you will be sharing a room with for your first year of college.

After not sharing a room with my sister for several years, I was worried about going back to splitting a living space with someone else. Immediately after I finished submitting my application to finalize my commitment to Temple, the stress of finding a roommate sunk in. Rooms in the residential hall I wanted were filling up quickly, and I still didn't have a roommate.

I was trying to find a roommate, but everybody seemed to already have their living situation figured out. However, one day, I received a message from a girl named Tori. Little did I know, she would become my best friend. I saw her profile prior to on RoomSync, an app for finding roommates, so I was really excited when she messaged me.

We didn't meet until move-in day, which made me a little bit anxious, but right from the start, everything clicked. We have lots of similar interests and living standards. Even though our majors are totally different, hers being biology and mine is English, that didn't stop us from being friends and enjoy spending time with one another.

In just the first weekend, Tori discovered that I hadn't seen a lot of movies that I should have seen growing up. From that point on, she created a list of various movies, and every weekend we watched at least one movie together. I don't think she has shown me a movie that I haven't liked yet, and I'm so glad that we started this tradition.

On top of movies, Tori has also expanded my music taste, which is a very hard thing to do. I couldn't be happier that she introduced me to Dean Lewis and Noah Kahan and then persuaded me to go to their concert in October with her. In general, she has got me more into music and is increasing my knowledge about music overall.

As well as going to a concert together, we also recently went to see my favorite Youtubers when they came to Philly. When we found out that Cody Ko and Noel Miller were going on a comedy tour and coming to our city, we immediately planned to buy tickets. It was a night full of laughs, and I'm so happy I got to spend it with her.

Tori Ploesch

Having a random roommate who is also your best friend is rare. I've heard a lot of horror stories about random roommates, but I honestly can't picture not being friends with Tori. Along with being an amazing roommate, she is incredibly selfless and caring. Her focus is always on helping people, and I admire her for all the hard work she puts into everything she does.

Being surrounded by people in the College of Science and Technology, I know it isn't easy. Because I have a strong dislike of science, I give major props to Tori and her friends in CST. I'm so happy she is studying something she's truly passionate about and will love doing in her future career. Whenever I meet people that want to pursue a career in science or the medical field, I immediately give them immense credit. It's extremely difficult to take that career path, and I'm already excited for Tori and her ultimate success.

College is a time for making new friends that will last even after you stop going to school together. Even though I'm only in my second semester, I know I can trust Tori with anything, and she'll be there for me when I need her. I also know that she'll be 100% honest with me when I need guidance or advice.

I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to Tori for messaging me to room with her. My college experience has been incredibly positive thus far because she has been with me through it all. I'm extremely grateful for the way things worked out because I couldn't have asked for a kinder roomie.

Thank you, Tori, for not just being an incredible person and roommate, but my best friend as well.

P.S. I can't wait to bake with you in our apartment together next semester!

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Women: 5 Tips for Starting a Successful Retail Business

Even though a lot of business has shifted to online stores, you can still succeed in retail with an actual store.


Tips for Starting a Successful Retail Business: A retail business can be any size and can sell just about anything; from cupcakes to prom gowns. If retailers and wholesalers expect to succeed, however, they need products that consumers want, as well as a great location, a strategy for success, loyal customers, and well-trained employees. No matter what type or size of retail business you are running, you need a good plan in place. Below are five tips to help you start your business off on the right foot.

1. Do Your Research (Then, Research Some More!)

I think it was Ben Franklin who said, "failing to plan is planning to fail."

Even if you think your product idea is the best, do your research. Before you launch your retail business, be sure that there is a need or want for your product in the market. See how the local competition is doing. Think of something that will make your shop unique from theirs, and expand on the market instead of just copying what others already have done. Target the right audience by understanding who is interested in your products, and gear your advertisements toward that group.

2. Create a Solid Business Plan

So, you thought of a million dollar idea while you were waiting in line at Starbucks? Now you need to take a deep breath and create a good business plan (how?) before you start. You need to declare goals and describe how you plan to achieve those goals. Your program should be detailed, covering all areas of the business, including employee training techniques, advertising strategies, funding options, and product lines. Knowing what you are going to do and how you are going to do it will put you on the right track and keep you there.

3. Have a Great Advertising Campaign

You may have the best product in town, but if people do not know you exist, your business will fail. You have to create a strong advertising campaign that will build your brand. Use online methods as well as offline techniques to get your brand recognized. Social media networks, websites, and search engine optimization are useful and affordable online techniques. Offline methods should include a good location, a clear and visible sign, and local advertising methods.

Also, don't forget low-tech and free methods of marketing. Even though you might be focusing a lot of your budget on online and print ads, don't forget old standbys like business cards which have survived the test of time! (You can find high-quality inexpensive ones online from companies like and Vistaprint. Oh, and don't forget to use a coupon!)

4. Understand the Importance of Repeat Customers

Getting new customers can be expensive, so don't lose them! Keeping a customer is much more affordable than trying to obtain a new one, and repeat customers also tend to spend more money. Make sure you have high standards for customer service standards so that you can retain your current clients. Create incentive programs to keep them coming back to your shop; start a newsletter to stay in touch with them and inform them about new products or specials.

5. Train Your Employees Well

Don't you hate it when you walk into a store and some uninspired college kid is behind the counter texting?

Behind every great business are great employees. Take the time to hire only the most capable individuals, and then take the time to train them to your standards. Employee training is a huge part of your business's success. If you want to stay on track with your business plan, make sure you train your employees properly. Conduct monthly performance reviews and reward those who deserve it. Incentive programs for your employees can not only make them work harder, but also make your business more successful.

Every business needs a plan to succeed, including having the right steps in place and using the correct methods to reach your goals. Do not assume that having a good product will bring in the profits you need; there is much more to running a profitable business. Plan out your business's every move, and carefully carry out the steps you have created for a successful and profitable business.

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