5 Ways To Not Be "Too Cool" For Orientation

5 Ways To Not Be "Too Cool" For Orientation

Don't let your fixation upon how others perceive you prevent you from succeeding and having fun.

The transition to college is incredibly intimidating - new living arrangements, new school, new friends, new classes, etc. It can all be incredibly overwhelming. For this very reason, Orientation is meant to get you acclimated, or "oriented," to your new surroundings before classes start. Because this is all so new, however, Orientation can be extremely nerve-wracking.

There are two types of people you will come across at Orientation: those who embrace the experience and those who are afraid to make fools out of themselves. I fall into the former, yet I have spent a lot of time observing the latter.

Growing up, I've always known I was rather outgoing - always willing to raise my hand in class, introduce myself, or try something new. I have found these qualities to be extremely helpful in the transition to college thus far. Those who not have this natural inclination, however, tend to struggle slightly, so here is my advice to you:

1. Don't worry about what other people think.

Sure, maybe a few people will judge you, but those aren't the people you want to surround yourself with in the future. If you obsess about how others perceive you, instead of letting loose and having fun, you'll miss out on tons of great experiences in the process!

2. Be yourself.

When you are the truest version of yourself, you will naturally attract the people you are meant to be with. If you put out a false version of yourself, you will find yourself surrounded by people who are only truly compatible with a falsified "you." Essentially, "your vibe attracts your tribe," so make sure your vibe is true to you.

3. Remember that no one knows who you were in high school.

Remember that embarrassing thing you did freshman year? Well, me neither. College is a clean slate - take advantage of it! This is your opportunity to put any high school nastiness behind you and start anew. Get rid of that annoying nickname! Get away from the girl in your homeroom who gave you dirty looks! Were you awesome at something in high school? Take this time to rediscover why you were so good at it in the first place.

4. You're never too old for fun and games.

You better yell as loud as you possibly can during that group cheer or game of "Baby Shark." Participating isn't lame - sitting out is! You won't have nearly as much fun sitting on the sidelines, and you certainly won't make nearly as many memories.

5. Remember why you chose your school.

Orientation is meant to summarize why your school is so awesome, and remind you why you chose it in the first place! Let yourself get swept up in the hype of sports presentations or jam along with the band. This is your home for the next four years, so take advantage of it!

Not everyone is naturally outgoing - that's okay! Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is confidence. Just make sure you don't let Orientation pass you by just because you opted to sit on the sidelines. Come on guys, don't be too cool for Orientation!

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An Open Letter To My Youngest Self

From, the young adult finding comfort in the past while lost in the present.


Dear future big person,

Speaking from experience, the world is a crazy place. It's sad, yet exciting to know what the future holds for you. The world has been taken over by devices and electronics most never thought were possible.

If you're wondering why I'm writing to you, it's because I care a lot more now than I did back when I was you. I'm your Marty McFly, here to tell you how to prepare for the future. (Don't ask me what that reference is –you figure it out!).

For starters, let's talk about this technology thing. Gameboys, Nintendo DS', Wiis, Xboxes –don't mess with them. Television is fine –if the people from the Cold War survived it, we can, too. I want you to spend time enjoying the real world, not the electronic, fake one.

I want you to go outside and sit in the grass, pick those dandelions and mash them up into "paint." Paint mom something nice and maybe go for a bike ride with dad. Catch lightning bugs at dusk and bottle them all up in a mason jar. Eventually, let them free, all together.

Your brother is gross and weird, but he actually turns out to be a pretty cool kid. You don't have to be all mushy with him, but be sure he knows you love him. After all, he is family.

Make friends in the neighborhood, even if they are boys. So what? Challenge them. Race them on your bike with awesome purple and white streamers drifting from the handlebars. Push hard, through the soles of your Sketchers covered feet.

Pick up a piece of chalk and create a world of your own world with 3,000 Toys R Us stores, one police station, and only a few stop signs. Create and color your own flowers, whether they actually exist or not. Let your imagination run wild!

Turn on the radio and dance like crazy! Scream the lyrics to Smashmouth's "All Star" and Gwen Stefani's "Sweet Escape." Change the station every now and then to hear something new; it's always interesting to see your reactions to these interesting creations.

I want you to wear what you feel like and don't care what the others say about you. If you want to wear your purple dress-up shoes with your matching purse and hat, then do it. If you want to wear a Hula skirt in the dead of winter, do it (but please bring some leggings so mom doesn't flip out). If you want to wear those bedazzled jeans, then rock 'em.

If you're wondering why I'm telling you to do these silly things, it's only because we lost these traits along the way. I don't want you to miss the experiences that only come from the natural world because you had your head stuck in a tablet; it will all pass you in the blink of an eye.

I don't want you to ever feel trapped inside your house, no matter the weather. There is always a way out.

Don't let other people stop you from getting something you want. Don't let them intimidate you or talk you out of something you are passionate about.

Your friends will be the people you escape to when the house seems inescapable. Treat them the way you would like to be treated.

Your imagination is one of the greatest gifts you'll ever have. It drives you –your hopes and dreams, your wishes in the fountain and your kisses to the dandelions. Don't ever stop chasing them.

Always, always do what you want to do. You sing karaoke to that super catchy song because you know you'll kill it. Wear what you want however you want because you know that you look good in some strange way. (As long as you're not naked, that is). Stubbornness is good.

Your family will always be your family. What they do affects you, and vice versa. Bring them good, positive news. They don't need any more trouble.

Stand up for yourself, for your friends and family, for your beliefs and wishes. Be proud of the work you do and the life you live. Many people around you wish they could have lived like you did.

Most importantly, do not let your past define your future. A lot of things will happen, some of which may or may not go horribly wrong. There is nothing you can do to stop these things, except hope. You can always change for the better as long as you don't look back. Be proud of your past, but be known for your future –whatever you want that to be.

Please, promise me these things. I can't stress enough how important it is for you to never lose these traits –hold them tightly and never release them. I can't tell you how this life is going to go, because that simply isn't the way this world works. Just breathe through it and listen to your gut –that's the future guiding you.

I, and many others, love you –your character, your curls, your studded jeans,your pink Power Ranger costume, your Hello Kitty backpack, and your goofy smile.

Don't ever forget that.

With love,

The Girl Who Is Lost And Trying To Turn Back Time.

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