The transition to college is incredibly intimidating - new living arrangements, new school, new friends, new classes, etc. It can all be incredibly overwhelming. For this very reason, Orientation is meant to get you acclimated, or "oriented," to your new surroundings before classes start. Because this is all so new, however, Orientation can be extremely nerve-wracking.

There are two types of people you will come across at Orientation: those who embrace the experience and those who are afraid to make fools out of themselves. I fall into the former, yet I have spent a lot of time observing the latter.

Growing up, I've always known I was rather outgoing - always willing to raise my hand in class, introduce myself, or try something new. I have found these qualities to be extremely helpful in the transition to college thus far. Those who not have this natural inclination, however, tend to struggle slightly, so here is my advice to you:

1. Don't worry about what other people think.

Sure, maybe a few people will judge you, but those aren't the people you want to surround yourself with in the future. If you obsess about how others perceive you, instead of letting loose and having fun, you'll miss out on tons of great experiences in the process!

2. Be yourself.

When you are the truest version of yourself, you will naturally attract the people you are meant to be with. If you put out a false version of yourself, you will find yourself surrounded by people who are only truly compatible with a falsified "you." Essentially, "your vibe attracts your tribe," so make sure your vibe is true to you.

3. Remember that no one knows who you were in high school.

Remember that embarrassing thing you did freshman year? Well, me neither. College is a clean slate - take advantage of it! This is your opportunity to put any high school nastiness behind you and start anew. Get rid of that annoying nickname! Get away from the girl in your homeroom who gave you dirty looks! Were you awesome at something in high school? Take this time to rediscover why you were so good at it in the first place.

4. You're never too old for fun and games.

You better yell as loud as you possibly can during that group cheer or game of "Baby Shark." Participating isn't lame - sitting out is! You won't have nearly as much fun sitting on the sidelines, and you certainly won't make nearly as many memories.

5. Remember why you chose your school.

Orientation is meant to summarize why your school is so awesome, and remind you why you chose it in the first place! Let yourself get swept up in the hype of sports presentations or jam along with the band. This is your home for the next four years, so take advantage of it!

Not everyone is naturally outgoing - that's okay! Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is confidence. Just make sure you don't let Orientation pass you by just because you opted to sit on the sidelines. Come on guys, don't be too cool for Orientation!