Don't assume that they don't know what their doing,

This is about how anxiety can seem like nothing is wrong, and people will assume that those suffering are just dumb, when really they are having an anxiety attack. Keep this in mind next time you assume someone is stupid, and doesn't understand things.

His throat tightened painfully

It felt as if he couldn’t breathe,


That was all he could feel,

His mind was blank,

He knew the answer,

Only moments before,

Come on, come on

He begged his mind,

Why now,

Why do you always do this,

He know all the answers,

But his head won’t work,

His mind was a scratched DVD,

It kept skipping out on all the scenes,

He knows all of this

He didn’t even have to glance at the book,

When it was his homework,

The minuets tick by,

All to quickly,

Think, think, think,

He knows all the answers,

He knows he does,

They just weren’t coming to his head,

He would try to breath,

But he couldn’t,

Anxiety was clogging his throat,

He guessed at his last few answers,

Not caring anymore,

He just had to get out of the room,

Finally he left,

And shakily went back to his room,

His anxiety isn’t him rocking back and forth,

It was forgetting everything,

It didn’t matter how well he knew it,

Or how long he studied,

The very moment it became judged,

Anxiety comes in many different forms,

All having the same result,

An anxiety attack

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