9 Things College Seniors Are Tired Of Hearing

9 Things College Seniors Are Tired Of Hearing

You have probably asked me one of these questions, and yes, I might be holding it against you.

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As a college senior, I have realized how often I am being asked the same questions or hearing the same phrases spouted off at me. I know that I can't be the only college senior that's in the same boat. These phrases and questions tend to add a lot of pressure to the already high levels of stress we are feeling with somewhere around a month left until graduation. Please, take notes, as I don't want to have to say this again.

1. Do you know what you're doing after you graduate?

NO! And you asking me doesn't make finding a job happen any quicker.

2. So, you're moving back home.

Alright, Cheryl. The tone you're using definitely tells me that you disapprove of this, but why waste money living somewhere when I can currently live at home for free while I look for a job?

3. Wait, you aren't getting a job right away?

No. Do you realize that I have spent the last 18 years of my life in school, slaving over homework and poorly written research papers? I would like to take a few months to relax before I spend the next 40 years behind a desk, Frank.

4. Have you finished your resume yet?

Let me just go ahead and fit that in somewhere between four final exams, two final projects, reading articles for class, doing homework, working, eating, and sleeping. If I had the time to be doing it, don't you think I would?

5. You're going to graduate school, right?

Not everyone decides to go to graduate school. If they do, great! If not, it's for a valid reason. Graduate school is way more expensive, and although it can mean a higher salary later for some majors, that isn't the case for all. No, it isn't going to get me better pay, so no, I am not going.

6. So what can you do with that degree?

Odds are, if you're asking me this, I don't have the slightest idea either. That means more opportunities for me, though, right? The job world is my oyster! On the other hand, I probably have a couple of routes that I have familiarized myself with that I am looking into. And Gertrude, you may not approve of my liberal major, but it's something I am passionate about, so get off my back.

7. Have you interviewed anywhere yet?

In all reality, I'm looking for out-of-state work. Some companies will only do interviews in person, and I can't afford to fly out to a company and pay for hotels just for an hour-long interview. I will be interviewing, but not until my classes are over with.

8. You got a great job offer, but you aren't taking it.

Yes, and my reasoning doesn't concern you, Sally. I am not taking the job just because it's a job. Taking a job I would be stuck in for 2-3 years makes no sense to me, especially when it has nothing to do with my field of study. Yes, it may be better pay than other opportunities I am looking at, but I rather take a pay cut for a job that I am whole-heartedly committed to.

9. Have you given any thought to how you'll be paying your student loans back?

I have a 6 month window after graduation in which I do not have to begin paying. In that time, I plan to find a job in which I will be able to make substantial payments to get them paid off as soon as possible. Thank you for being concerned about my finances, Greg.

Although we do appreciate your concern and that most of you are only asking about our futures because you want to see us succeed, we are tired of feeling like we aren't living up to your expectations. You can ask us about the future, but please put all disapproving looks and tones aside. Adulting is scary, and although we love you, you are only making it scarier. Please, instead just be there and tell us you're there for us if we ever need it. *Whispers* Because guess what: we probably will.

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