You Don’t Always Have To Be The Bigger Person

From the earliest age, we’re told to be the bigger person. When things don’t go our way, we’re supposed to turn the other cheek. But there’s only so much a person can take before being the bigger person isn’t possible. We only have so many cheeks we can turn before we look stupid and weak.

This is particularly hard for perfectionists like myself. We strive to always do the right thing and not turn any heads. But we all have a boiling point, that one thing that throws us over the edge and we say screw it to being the bigger person.

They say taking the moral high ground is healthier when people hurt you, but I’m not sure how? No reaction only leads to over thinking. So why not flip out, why not say what you want to say and how you feel? Otherwise, you will only run yourself into the ground with many sleepless nights.

I get it, we all want to be right, but that’s not always validated. Nobody wants to say how they feel only to be told that they’re wrong or that it’s unacceptable. But here’s a shock nobody has the right to tell you how you’re suppose to feel.

We’re constantly told to “get over it” and “move on” but that’s easier said than done. We can pretend and fake forgiveness but that only eats us alive inside because we know the truth and that we don’t really accept the apology. So why do we have to be the bigger person? We don’t. We’re allowed to lose our hold; we’re allowed to say what we want because we’re hurt; the other person deserves to know the truth. It doesn’t make us weak or fragile. It makes us strong and able to stand on our own and stick up for ourselves.

We live in a society that idolizes pettiness as goals and being a strong person is considered psycho. Let them think what they want, but that doesn’t mean you have to be the bigger person and be walked all over. You can’t please everyone so might as well please yourself.

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