5 Ways To Stop Being A People Pleaser

Here are 5 ways to finally break the habit of self-destruction:

1. Start saying “no” more when you do not want to do something.


It’s so easy to do what people want you to do to make them happy, but if it will take away from your own happiness you shouldn’t do it. When you do that, you indirectly tell people your needs do not matter.

2. Stand up more for yourself when you get disrespected.


It is very hard to do but it’s worth it. Also, you will find that the more you practice sticking up for yourself the easier it becomes. Just as being a people pleaser becomes addicting, so can standing up for yourself when someone disrespect or insults you which is the most empowering to have.

3. Make your dealbreakers clear in friendships or relationships.


A lot of the time people close to you aren’t aware what your boundaries are or what makes you uncomfortable and unhappy unless you tell them. Once you tell them, if they care about you they will try to respect it. And you will find that this will make spending time with them so much better for you.

4. Stop having the goal to be likeable when you meet new people, instead have the goal to be authentically yourself.


When you put on a likeable facade people are much more likely to take advantage of you and use you for it. Also, people like the persona you put on for them not the real you. If you have the goal to be yourself, you’ll make many more genuine and fulfilling relationships.

5. Make that voice inside your head louder and listen to it.


Listen to your intuition and gut feeling first and foremost. At the end of the day this is what will help you protect yourself and your needs. If you allow your own self to be your boss and no one else when it comes to what is best for you, you will live a much happier and satisfying life.

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