In today's day and age, the two major political parties are constantly being pitted against one another – forcing people to pick a side and pledge their allegiance to the Democrats or the Republicans.

As someone who agrees with the Democrats on some issues and the Republicans on other issues, I have been put in a corner.

I have been put in a corner where neither party wants to accept me because I am fraternizing, if you will, with the other side.

Because I feel as though both parties get some things right and some things wrong, I don't want to pledge my allegiance to one side. I can't say I'll never vote for a Democrat, and I can't say I'll never vote for a Republican.

I'll vote for whoever I align the closest with on the issues at hand, but here's the catch – I never used to think that I would vote for a Democrat.

Growing up in a rural area, it was pretty much a given that you were growing up in a conservative or at least moderately Republican home. My hometown voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump. I even saw a handful of homemade, wooden yard signs.

I'm sure that those who voted for Trump had their reasons for doing so, just as those who voted for Hillary Clinton had their reasons, as well. And, of course, neither of them are wrong for believing what they believe.

But, with the rise of Trump, I've come to distance myself from the conservative movement. What once felt like the party of Reagan has begun to feel like a reality television show where we watch to see who gets fired or what will be tweeted next.

In a world where the party has become Trump's party, that isn't something I can stand behind. Trump pushed me to the independent line for many reasons – including his insults on women, which include remarks that advocated that women who get abortions should be punished and insulted women for their weight

A report put out by Telegraph compiled every single negative thing Trump has ever said about women. Did I mention that he made a comment about Paris Hilton being attractive when she was 12?

As a young female in America, I find it extremely offensive and unprofessional that the President is allowed to talk about females, or anyone for that matter, in that way.

I don't know how Kellyanne Conway can even handle being on his staff considering his history.

If Trump is what it means to be a Republican in today's day and age, I'd rather walk the line of being independent because someone who is so blatantly disrespectful to those around him should not be in a leadership position.

Mexicans are not all rapists.

White, American men can be rapists just as easily – it has nothing to do with someone's skin color, race or ethnicity – it has everything to do with their character.

Character is something Trump seems to greatly lack.

How can someone, in good conscience, take away people's health care and leave more than 20 million people without insurance?

When people are left with no way to afford the the healthcare that they need, how is that humane? How is that even remotely OK?

What kind of lesson is Trump teaching the children in America? That everyone and everything that calls you out for doing something less than stellar is fake?

That it's OK to "solve" our problems using social media?

As long as Trump is the face of the Republican Party, I'll be walking running to the center where freedom, justice and equality exist for all – not just one.