Is Donald Trump The Anti-Christ?

Is Donald Trump The Anti-Christ?

Could this man of biblical proportions be bringing destruction to us all?

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The end of the world will be accompanied by a character that we all have heard of, the Anti-Christ (AC). He will have a large role in the destruction of modern society. As someone who has never been particularly religious nor politically inclined, I can't help but notice the eerie similarities between the bible's description of the Anti-Christ with the characteristics of the American businessman-turned-politician, Donald Trump. As a spiritual, non-religious person, I recognize the value of all-worldly religions and the fact that at their base, they all speak the same undeniable truth. So regardless of your personal beliefs, open your mind and hear me out.

"And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practice, and shall destroy many people and the people of the holy one."

The bible tells us that the Anti-Christ will be an organizational genius. But he will be so without a heart; he will be ruthless and exist with little to no compassion. The power he claims will be mighty but not through his own (Trump being backed by a political party). So in other words, he will be backed by something other than himself that will give him his great power and undeniable influence. By "wonderfully", the bible means that the AC will destroy his enemies in an astonishing or extravagant way. Think of a political leader ingeniously ridding himself of his enemies, who has a deep understanding of how to tear down the opposition and after each of these victories he will continue to grow in power. as this man comes into power, many people will be destroyed. Nations' individuals will be attacked or destroyed by the AC. And with Trump's foreign policies coupled with his issues with certain cultural groups existing within our country, this doesn't seem to be too far off.

"And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy man."

The Hebrew meaning of "craft" actually means "deceit" or "treachery" and it will all prosper in his hands. This man is a master politician, a master, and a wise man of his own words. But again, with no heart. The verse also states that this man will be a man that "shall magnify himself in his heart," so the AC will be a man of arrogance and pride, someone who views himself as larger than he really is. And by peace, he shall destroy many, which is his culmination of deceit, inviting destruction through a false sense of peace. But the bible, when translated directly from Hebrew, gives a different definition for peace than one might expect. The proper translation isn't directly to the word "peace", but to a phrase that means a "sense of false freedom," which is very present today. We have been lulled into such a sleep state by our constant prosperity and sense of security, that very few of us even question or act upon our government. And through that sense of false prosperity, the AC shall find his power. Under Donald Trump, this false sense of security that keeps many Americans from progressing and consistently pushing the envelope will only multiply in power. It wont be through military power at first, but by deals and negotiations, which seem to be Trump's specialty.

The AC will also bring war because the people wont see him as the beast he is mainly due to his powers of deceit. They will be fooled by his charisma and his financial prosperity, lulled into a sleep state that will then warrant his attack. Does that sound familiar?

So to sum up the characteristics, The AC will be:

1. A masterful negotiator — he also wrote the Best Seller, "The Art of the Deal."

2. Arrogant and full of pride.

3. Ingenious in the ways of solving problems with his opponents (a great negotiator).

4. Capable of building strength with every victory he tallies (each personal attack versus subsequent poll numbers).

5. Deceitful and with treason.

6. An organizational genius without a heart.

7. Ruthless and organized with little to no compassion.

8. A fantastic politician.

So there are the facts. I think many will agree with me that the proximity of which the characteristics of the Anti-Christ (written many years ago) is matching what is happening politically in the most powerful country on the planet in the present day is bone chilling. Don't listen to me, think for yoursef. If you don't believe me, read about it for yourself. If you do, raise awareness, get people to see the truth behind the many lies that come up upon our TVs ever yday. Mobilize the people so we can deliver ourselves from this ultimate defeat at the hands of the AC.

I love you, we are all in this together. But we all have to move together, no longer blind to the circumstances of our fate.

Question it. Think about it. Talk about it. Spread the word.

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