Puppies may be crazy and hyper, but they're a ball of fun! They're like a baby with fur and require a lot of work, but in the end, they're worth it for the relationship yourself or your family will make with them.

Dogs are many different things; there are service dogs and help those in need, there are police dogs that help police officers, there are wild dogs that live on their own, there are stray dogs that are left without a home, and there are dogs that are pets. The ones that are pets are the ones that we are most familiar with because we get to love on them and make them part of our family.

A best friend is someone who is always there for you and will cheer you up when you're sad. They constantly take care of you without you even asking them to. A dog is the definition of a best friend because if you love them and take care of them, they will do the same to you; they will look out for you when there is a threat near you, they will lick your tears when you cry, they will cuddle with you when you're sick, and they will stick by your side no matter what.

Growing up with a dog in your family is like growing up with another sibling. They play with you, they fake fight with you, they eat when you eat, and they make good pillows. When you're younger and have a puppy as your sibling, you learn to share everything, especially your food. You also have an automatic best friend at your fingertips. Instead of playing with an imaginary friend, you get a fun furry friend with four paws.

Dogs can help those who have a disorder or who are blind or who have no home. They are trained to lead the way of people who are blind and also trained to care for their human in every way they possibly can. They will sacrifice their life to save yours and are constantly on the lookout for threats or intruders near you. They help homeless people because they are someone to talk to and are also a nice cuddle buddy who will attempt to keep you warm. Dogs are trained to help their human, but they also have a two-sense that helps them care for their human as well.

Whether they are some sort of service dog or just your typical family dog, they serve a purpose in your life and that purpose is to be a best friend. The love and care that you give to them is what you will receive from them. If you love your dog like you love your best friend then they are your best friend.