If you have a dog, then you just know that this statement is true— you don't even have to be convinced. Dogs are truly the best companions, friends, pets, roommates, and literally anything (and everything) else. Everyone on the planet could be replaced with dogs, and I would be totally okay with it. They are so much more than just animals, no wonder they are household pets, they belong in the house. They are like a human being but so much better and here's why:

1. They love to cuddle.

2. They have their own personality.

3. They listen to you.

4. They can't talk back to you.

5. They don't need much to be happy.

6. They don't judge you at all.

7. They always welcome you home in the best way.

8. They can always cheer us up.

9. Dogs are just care-free.

10. They just brighten your life.