I have four wonderful doggies. To start off, we have Maddy, a toy rat terrier, who I got when she was a wee 6 weeks old and is now 11, my sister's dog Nikki, a chihuahua mix, who is around 13-14 now we think, Marley, a jack russell, who is around 7ish, and last but certainly not least Mo, a yorkie and jack russell mix, who we call mohawk Molly because she has a literal mohawk and she is one year old.


Maddy is very sassy so I imagine her having one of those bitchy voices. She would have an opinion on everything and feel the need to voice it. I also feel like when she just sits and stares at me that she's thinking "why in the world is she wearing that". Even though she's a sassy one she is also so loving and gets so excited when I come home. In those situations I like to think that she is saying " yay yay mommy's home. I get to sleep in our bed again."


Since Nikki is the oldest, she has no patience anymore. All the other dogs annoy the crap out of her. She also thinks she's a person. If she could talk I think she would sigh a lot and talk about how the other dogs annoy her. She is also going deaf we think so I think she would talk really loud and say huh a lot.


Marley is so insanely energetic so if she could speak it would be a bunch of mumbo jumbo and of random words that no one can understand. She is also so loving and loves to cuddle when it's bed time. I like to think that she would say I love you a lot.


Molly Molly Molly whew what a dog. She is the most unique dog my family has ever had. She, like Marley, is super energetic and loves to play outside all day and then come in and cuddle at night. Mo gives lots of kisses so I think she would say " kiss me kiss me" a thousand times a day.