Who knew dogs could be mayors

Politics can be a tedious subject. If you're anything like me, you want to stay politically informed but you also want to have a good day. Seem the problem here? Well, some good news that will both brighten your day but also boost your political knowledge. Here are the seven dogs that have held elected local office as acting Mayors across the United States:

1. Duke the Dog

A regal Great Pyrenees named Duke was elected Mayor of Cormorant Township, Minnesota back in 2014. Cormorant is a small small town with a population of just over 1,000 people. One can imagine the kind of publicity that such a small town received after electing a dog as their mayor. He was re-elected until his retirement earlier this year in 2018. He was known for cheerfully greeting everyone in town with a big smile. What a good mayor.

2. Maximus Mighty Dog Mueller 

Maximus Mighty Dog Mueller was first elected in 2012 as the Mayor of Idyllwild, California. He actually won by 2/3 of the vote and served lovingly and loyally until his passing in 2013. Apparently, his successor was another pup named Maximus Mighty Dog Mueller II. They have an official website where you can learn all about them and the town: https://mayormax.com

3. Bosco

Bosco was elected back in 1981. He served the beautiful little town of Sunol, California as their Mayor and their best boy until his passing in 1984. The town memorialized him with a beautiful statue back in 2008 and as a Beer Tap at the local watering hole named Bosco's Bones and Brews. Only the best for their goodest boy.

4. Goofy Borneman

Goofy Borneman was the first canine Mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. He was elected in 1998 and served 3 years out of the 4-year term before passing away in July 2001 at the old age of 16. There is actually a documentary called "Rabbit Hash: Center of the Universe" which highlights his election if you want to learn more about this good boy.

5. Junior

The beautiful black lab, Junior, was the Mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky following Goofy. He was known around town for his love of public appearances and for the people of the town. He is actually featured in Animal Planet's show "Dog Mayor". He served from 2004 until 2008.

6. Lucy Lou

Lucy Lou was elected as Mayor of Rabbit Hash following Junior. She was elected in 2008 and served the town until 2016. She was actually the first female to serve as Mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. Her time as mayor was full of smiles and interviews. She loved to greet the many visitors Rabbit Hash attracted.

7. Brynn

Brynn is currently the Mayor of (you guessed it) Rabbit Hash, Kentucky! The town has been led by dogs since 1998 and after Lucy's retirement in 2016, Brynn ran for office and won! Brynn is a rescue pup who is now working closely with Former Mayor Lucy Lou to successfully follow in her well-loved paw prints. Brynn is serving Rabbit Hash proudly. To learn more about this town and its many dog mayors, visit http://www.rabbithashhistsoc.org

All I have left to say is politics isn't all bad. Not with good boys and girls like these in charge.

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