I finally did it. I finally broke my boyfriend down. After moving out of our parents' place, he gave in and we adopted a cat.

Now here's the funny thing: I've only had dogs for most of my life and I prefer them over cats. After all, cats seem to be in their own little world just waiting to be fed. A dog provides a play buddy, someone that you can play fetch with. A dog comes when he is called and learns tricks on command. A dog is thought to be man's best friend.

During my teenage years, we had (and my mom still has) our two dogs, Mishka and Bob Marley. Mishka is an Alaskan Klee Kia, (basically a twenty-five-pound mini husky), and Bob Marley was a twenty-pound Beagle German Shepherd mix. Yes, he does look as awkward as you are thinking. They are a dynamic duo, always getting into trouble but also always bringing warmth to our hearts. There was one time Bob Marley ate a whole roll of bagels, and even though he is a male dog, he looked pregnant. Mishka is so prissy, she won't eat certain dog food, and she has a fetish for socks. One of my favorite things to do is toss ice cubes on the floor and watch them gabble it hit up, while I excitedly say, "Its special cuz it's from the fridge!"

Now you may ask, "Why adopt a cat, then? If you have had such a great relationship with dogs, why switch over to having a cat in your first apartment?"

Well, there is one simple answer to this: I got persuaded by a volunteer to look at cats and fell absolutely in love.

The Petsmart near my apartment gets their cats and kittens from Last Chance Animal Rescue. We were only at Petsmart to get guinea pig food, but one of their volunteers was unlocking the door to the cat room and saw us looking. She persuaded us to come in.

Our cat is not the one we intended on seeing. There was a little calico kitten who was very playful, followed by a very lethargic tabby. She pointed to the cage in the corner and said, "This is our little sleepy head, he stays like that all day".

We pulled him out of his kennel, where he was curled up in some fleece, and held him like a baby. He woke up for a few brief minutes, began purring, then fell back into blissful sleep.

I knew we had to bring him home.

In the car, my boyfriend Justin and I mulled it over. We talked about cost since it wasn't only the $150 adoption fee; there was also our $300 pet deposit. So after only a few minutes of convincing on my part, we went off to our apartment's office and told them we were getting a cat. We sped back to the Petsmart, hoping that someone hadn't already scooped him up.

On the way there, I thought of the perfect name: Marshmallow.

Justin signed the adoption papers as I held him in my arms. They took his information card out so people would know he wasn't available, and we got all the kitty things.

He has little blue fishy food bowls. His collar has a very handsome bow tie, if I do say so myself. He has a little blue bed and plenty of toys.

We brought him home. He crawled right out of the crate, went potty, and then slept.

He slept and slept. We actually thought something was wrong. But oh no, on the third day his true kitten came out. He was attacking curtains, and our feet at night.

I couldn't be any happier.

I love this little kitten, even though he may not bark. However, he does play fetch. I also love not coming home to a torn-up couch, and not having to wake up at 6 a.m. in the freezing rain for a walk. I love hearing his purrs and him greeting me at the door by circling my feet and meowing. I love how he gets excited for dinner time, batting on the cabinet where his food is kept. As I am writing this, he is laying right next to me trying to get my attention.

Maybe I am a cat person after all.