"Thoughts Of Dog" Is The Only Twitter Account Worth Following
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"Thoughts Of Dog" Is The Only Twitter Account Worth Following

Okay, maybe some other ones are alright . . . but this one is my favorite by far.

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A little over a year ago, I came across this Twitter account called "Thoughts of Dog." You may or may not know of this account, but I can assure you, it will almost always bring a smile to your face.

Whose day wouldn't be made when they see this smile?! @dog_feelings

Thoughts of Dog (@dog_feelings) has become more and more popular over the past two years. The account has almost 3 million followers. I don't know about you, but I can't imagine that many people caring about what I have to say! So, Thoughts of Dog definitely has a large following and a pretty wide sphere of influence, in the Twitterverse at least.

I absolutely love what Thoughts of Dog does with their reputation: they take simple, everyday truths and voice them through what they believe a dog would think.

It's the cutest, most heart-warming, and best feel-good account there is on Twitter (in my opinion at least). Keep reading for some quality Thoughts of Dog content along with reasons why they're the best Twitter follow because of the way they encompass thoughts we all know our dogs have.

Twitter handles have been censored to respect privacy.

Dogs care about people over anything else.


Obviously, dogs care about education . . . but they care about people more. All they want is to play with the small neighbor human!

Snuggles are a dog's #1 priority. 


Sure, dogs may care about sleep, but they love you more and will always take more snugs. No matter how sleepy they are.

Dogs love you unconditionally. 


Dogs will do anything (and I mean anything) to show you that they love you. They rely on you and know how much you love them back. This is truly the best kind of relationship.

Dogs really appreciate being warm. 


Dogs love nothing more than spending a few minutes in the sun. Even if they can't see anything while they bask in it.

Dogs want you to enjoy the simple things in life. 


They help us slow down and appreciate things we often miss as we rush through life. Dogs really do have our best interests in mind.

Dogs recognize the bad in the world and convince us that there's hope for the future. 


Dogs might not understand everything, but they can definitely sense when something is bothering you. They want to help comfort you and hope for a better tomorrow.

PS: I love how this account comments on the horrible events of the world in a way that helps us see the glimpse of hope and that not all things in this world are evil.

Dogs always want to spend time with you. 


Although they don't have much understanding of personal space, it's kind of adorable the way they love you so purely. They will always be there for you when you need more physical contact than you know what to do with.

Dogs want to receive love in return.


Not only will they give you all the love and affection you could ever want, they want to be loved in return. I'm not sure why you wouldn't want to, but make sure your dogs are given as much of your time and love as you have to give.

Dogs are indecisive. 


Now, this isn't because they want to make you get up again or because they don't know what they want. Dogs truly just get so excited they might not know exactly where they want to put all of their energy.

Dogs like wind in their face. 


Well. This is one that I think we all knew. But it's adorable to watch dogs have so much fun pretending that they're flying.

Dogs always want to be your priority. 


When dogs love you so much, they just want to spend as much time with you as possible! Nothing's wrong with that, right?

Dogs are confident in themselves. 


Dogs know how much they're loved and admired. They aren't afraid to flaunt it every once and a while . . . or all the time, in some cases.

Dogs can't wait for you to get home. 


Dogs really need us around! They spend all day waiting for us to get home - it might even be the best part of their day. Aside from getting a treat, maybe.

Dogs love food. 


Being a cheese lover myself, I understand why dogs would never want to wait a minute for their cheese. Food is definitely a priority.

Dogs are tricksters at heart. 


The good thing is that dogs are usually tricking us into loving them more. Which isn't difficult in the first place since they're so lovable.

Dogs are the ones who are really in charge. 


You may think that you're the one in control, but you'd be mistaken. Dogs really hold all the power in their relationship with us.

Dogs are quite empathetic. 


Dogs want to make sure everyone is loved and comforted. Even if they don't know the people or, in this case, animals.

Dogs love to show their affection physically. 


Just in case you didn't understand it before, dogs really want to show you all the love they can. Usually that comes in kisses and cuddles.

Dogs understand that time is precious. 


We truly never know how much time we have left with our loved ones. Unexpected things happen all the time, so dogs know that showing their favorite humans all the love and affection they can with the time they have is so important.

Dogs know how to get to us. 


Wow. Dogs really are the sweetest, most innocent, and most loving creatures on this planet. They touch us in a way that words never can.

I know most of us here love dogs and that we could all use some encouragement in our lives.

"Thoughts of Dog" might not be able to fix all of the violence and terror in the world, but this account sure can offer us some life and hope.

Dogs really see life through innocent and wise eyes, and we could all benefit from looking at the world through thoughts a dog might have. My wish is for you to be inspired by "Thoughts of Dog" and possibly even follow them for some laughs and maybe even some tears.

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