Dogs really are wonderful animals.

They love unconditionally--I'm not so forgiving when someone wakes me up from a nap...

And can turn even the toughest people to mush

All it takes is a look in their direction and they are ready to go

They are always ready for an adventure

They understand the importance of teamwork

And love pool days as much as humans do

They have great manners when it comes to meal time

But can turn into fearless protectors when necessary

They love a good joke

And know how to shake off embarrassment

They understand what it means to take a good picture

And they keep up with the latest trends

They appreciate the importance of some good R & R

And are great cuddle buddies

They know how to enjoy the little things in life

But best of all, dogs are always happy to see you even if you were only gone for 5 minutes.

If you aren't a dog person then you might want to do some reevaluating because they really are little bundles of joy.